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Bring Your Own Device for Academics

We began our iPad initiative four years ago. After considering input from parents, faculty, and students, we have expanded our program to include more devices. IT has prepared our network, servers, printers, and related systems to accommodate any laptop or tablet. Students will be responsible for maintaining their hardware and Operating System (OS). IT can help students diagnose their technology issues, but it is the student’s responsibility to transport or arrange repair services for their device. These devices will need to meet the following set of requirements:

  • Microsoft Office (other equivalent software is acceptable; must be able to save in Microsoft Office format).
  • Web browser to access: FirstClass, eBackpack and PowerSchool
  • The ability to connect to Wifi for academic use. Ethernet is also available in the dorms.
  • Antivirus with an active subscription (WMA provides Sophos if needed)

Software WMA Provides:

  • FirstClass email client, Microsoft Office 365 (MSO 365). Once enrolled, students may request a license for MSO 365. Please email the Help Desk if you would like a copy of MSO 365.

Supported Academic Devices:

  • iPad, Chrome book, Windows tablet, Windows laptop, Mac laptop, Android tablet

Excluded from Academic use:

  • Kindle, Nook

Devices Not Allowed on the WMA Network:

  • Wireless Routers, Access Points (AP), Network switches

*Additional information is available in the Student/Parent Handbook.

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