"Dive in" to the WMA Water Theme
Posted 09/12/2012 12:48PM

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“Dive in” to the WMA Water Theme

WMA has chosen a timely theme for this year’s curriculum; water. With much of the country (and world) facing drought it is increasingly critical to create dialog about such an important topic. All departments will tackle the theme in curriculum specific and relevant ways.

What can the WMA community expect? A new climate change course in the science department, a finance course investigating H20 companies, readings on water, a water photo contest, and so much more! This theme will fit effortlessly into our global curriculum, as it is already a global topic.

Stay tuned for community activities such as the public screening of “The Cove” brought to you by WMAction, the UN World Water Day, and the EE Ford Conference with Fabien Cousteau.