Fashion Program

These courses offer students the chance to experience facets of the global fashion industry by offering the opportunity to enroll in specially designed coursework.

FPA: Fashion: Design Studio

Credit: 1

Level: Intermediate

Overview: This course will focus on the global understanding of fashion and its cultural and aesthetic implications. Students will consider how fashion changes over time, comparing fashion trends on a global scale and investigating the social and historical aspects that directly influence these trends. The controlling forces of global economics, politics, social hierarchy, and how these forces dictate what people wear, are major thematic components of the course. Students will also examine the history and progress of fashion, and the differences between cultures, particularly Western ideas in comparison to Asian, African and Middle East aesthetics. Students will consider the global aspects of clothing design, fabric design, production and the economics of the fashion industry. In order to create a portfolio of clothing designs, students will learn to draw the human figure, focusing on proportion and anatomy. Various reading assignments will be assigned, as well as a comparative classroom presentation. Materials fee charged.

Prerequisite: Studio Art. Drawing is recommended.

FPA: Fashion: Production Studio

Credit: 1

Level: Intermediate

Overview: This course will give students a foundation in garment construction, sewing techniques, fabric and fiber qualities, and the use of a sewing machine. Students will have the opportunity to prepare and produce sewn garments from their own designs. The course will culminate in a fashion show.

Prerequisite: Fashion: Design Studio

Fashion Courses Intro

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