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Middle School Grade 8 Courses


  • Theme: Knowing One’s Community
  • Students study the foundation of our American democracy and the concept of the American dream

Math 8

  • Explores expressions and equations
  • Introduces linear and quadratic functions
  • Prepares students for entry into upper school at Algebra 1
  • Uses Prentice Hall Prealgebra text

Algebra 1

  • Develops a facility for the use of variables in equations
  • Explores graphing linear equations and inequalities
  • Investigates factoring, absolute value expressions, and functions
  • Prepares students for entry into upper school at Geometry
  • Uses Prentice-Hall Algebra 1 text
  • Connects to Grade 8 Humanities theme by investigating how science impacts a community
  • Uses SEPUP text, Issues, Evidence, & You
World Languages
  • Students continue with French or Spanish as their primary language of study, working to complete the equivalent of a second year in an upper school language course.
  • Looks at the many functions of art and the artist from the historical periods studied in Grade 8 humanities class
  • Students continue to focus on the social/emotional aspects of being healthy and maintaining one's health, continuing to work with the Mindset curriculum heading to Grade 9 where it will be a focal point of the upper school's Freshmen Foundations course.  
  • Students continue with the instrument they began in Grade 7; Having found their "voice" with that instrument in Grade 7, they now begin to blend their "voice" harmoniously into their musical group.

Physical Education
  • Classes meet twice each week for the entire school year, with the goal of involving students in regular physical activity including a variety of lifelong sports.
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