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Alina Shirley '15 wins WMA Mobile Phone Video Contest
Posted 05/07/2012 04:49PM

Is there a killer in Blake Middle School?

No, of course not, but Alina Shirley '15 sure made it seem that way.

And for her three-minute, three-scene video, Alina won the Wilbraham & Monson Academy's Fine & Performing Arts Mobile Phone Video Contest, along with a $50 iTunes gift card.

“I liked how it came out,” the high honors student said. “Of course, we used an iPhone so it wasn't like it was professionally done, but it was a mobile phone contest. It was bound to look like it was taken on a camera phone. Given the circumstances, we couldn't do any special sounds or lighting. We filmed it in the middle school. We worked with what we had and I think it turned out pretty good.”

Alina has some experience making films, primarily standing in as “the girl” for her brother's video projects for school. However, this was the first time Alina was fully in charge of her own project, and she showed she has a good foundation for film success.

“I liked the creative freedom I got to have, and my friends got to help me with it,” said Alina, who used Emily Carson '15 and Madeleine Duke '15 as actresses in the video. “Without them I would have been lost.”

Paul Bloomfield, chairperson of the WMA Fine & Performing Arts Department, said Alina's film was “genuinely suspenseful. (It) shows what a student with determination can produce with a little device.”


The video, shot on an iPhone 4S, begins with a girl waking up in a classroom. She finds a note, and sees a girl dead on the floor. The girl begins to walk through the school, and when she hears music, she follows the sound to a room. The girl finds a note saying "Your turn" in the room, and the video concludes with the final frame turning black and the girl screaming.

“It leaves you kind of hanging,” Alina said.

Videos for the contest, which was open to all WMA students, were required to be between 10 seconds and three minutes in length.

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