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Min Ah Kim '12 authors children's book
Posted 06/04/2012 04:37PM

Min Ah Kim '12 authors children's book

Her advisor caller her a “quiet force,” and that quiet force is already making a difference, loud and clear.

Min Ah Kim '12, who graduated from Wilbraham & Monson Academy with highest honors, is the author of a book.

“A Born-again Cinderella,” a children's book written in English and Korean, was published in 2011.

Min Ah, 19, was teaching at an after-school program for under-privileged kids in Korea last summer when she thought “we should do something special. I came up with this idea that we could create a story and put it into a book.”

Min Ah and her 10 students, in grades 1-5, created a story about a girl who learns how to stand up to a bully. All proceeds from the book go toward the after school program.

“It's a story the kids made, and they drew the pictures, too,” she said.

Min Ah has worked at the same after-school program for five summers. She teaches English as a second language.

“I generally read English books to them and talk to them about the books,” she explained. “We talk about the vocabulary, or play Hangman or Bingo.”

“Some of the first and second graders don't know English well. They know the alphabet. We don't talk in English the whole time. We do talk in Korean. I translate the stories into Korean.”

Min Ah will attend Emory University in Atlanta, where she will major in education and psychology.

“That's why I wanted to do volunteer work where I could teach,” Min Ah said. “But in order to educate or teach people, I need to learn their psychology and their emotions. I want to start studying psychology first so I can understand people better.”

“She was a quiet force on our campus,” said Maureen Sullivan, Min Ah's advisor at WMA. “She was like an adult. I could treat her like an adult in the dorm. She's someone we could trust. She was there for the kids and her peers. She was great. She had a kind heart, and she was not only successful herself but she cared about other people's success.”

At WMA, Min Ah was a Global Scholar, the stage manager for “West Side Story” and “Romeo and Juliet,” and she also learned Chinese to the point where she could hold a conversation. In May she gave a presentation on how Koreans value education.

“She was so quiet, but she did everything so well, from taking the highest level academic courses to being a prefect for two years,” Mrs. Sullivan said. “In the dorm, she was the most stable force we could have. She cared about everybody, and that's clear.

“She wants to major in psychology, and it shows in how she acts on campus and off campus.”

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