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Academy Singers is open to any student at Wilbraham & Monson Academy. The choir meets once a week on Tuesday evenings. Students work on music with which they are familiar from the worlds of jazz, classical, pop, rock, and musical theatre. As the year goes on, the music becomes more complex, beginning with unison singing that focuses on rhythmic accuracy and ensemble technique and gradually moving on to more difficult four-part harmonies and vocal textures. Academy Singers provides a wonderful community experience for students to meet once a week and share their passion for music.

Mosaic Harmony is a yearlong honors choir in which students learn about different musical traditions from around the world. Students are required to pass an audition to join. The group performs music in many different languages and styles with the understanding that students will become more open to new music and also more aware of the similarities and differences between the music of various cultures. Mosaic Harmony was created to reflect the diversity on campus as members of the choir come from such diverse nations as Korea, Angola, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, and the United States. The course begins the year with more focus on traditional music and gradually shifts into modern pop music in order for students to understand how traditional music has changed over the years, how aspects of it are still present in today's music, and how globalization has affected the exchange of musical ideas from one country to another in the modern music industry.

Instrumental Ensemble is comprised of talented student musicians on campus. Any student who plays an instrument can audition for the course. The repertoire that the Ensemble performs is dependent on the instrumentalists enrolled in the course. In the past, many chamber ensembles have been formed including string trio, piano trio, flute and harp duet, jazz ensemble, and Latin music ensemble. Since it was established in 2004, the Instrumental Ensemble has steadily grown. It began with only four students performing chamber music and has now grown substantially. Musicians in the Ensemble often collaborate with the choirs on campus as well as performing as soloists.

Titan Jazz Ensemble members learn to play and perform, as a band, some of the best jazz swing, latin, and jazz rock/funk tunes from the 1950s to today.



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