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Weekend Activities

Each weekend, students are offered a selection of on and off-campus activities organized by the Student Activities Committee. Activities range from movie nights in the Campus Center to whitewater rafting excursions and everything in between. There is something for everyone on the weekend!

On weekends, am I allowed to go to the mall or sleepover at a friend’s house?

Yes! Boarders must obtain permission from the dorm parent on duty and sign out before leaving campus. When planning an off-campus overnight, residents must obtain prior approval from the Dean’s office, his or her parents/guardians and hosts as well as the dorm parents on duty.

There are several Closed Weekends throughout the year during which boarders are required to stay on campus. Closed Weekends are scheduled for the first weekend of the school year and once per trimester.

May I have a friend who is not a WMA student visit me?

Of course! Students are asked to give the Dean’s Office notice beforehand to keep the campus secure. Also, guests must be introduced to the dorm parent on duty.

Open and On-Campus Weekends

Open weekends include long weekends, Memorial Day Weekend, and any weekend not designated as an on-campus weekend. During open weekends, boarding students who are eligible may follow the sign-out process and be granted permission to take overnight or weekend trips.

During on-campus weekends, boarding students are expected to sleep on campus. Guests are welcome to visit during the hours before check-in; however, guests are not permitted to sleep over.


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The mission of Wilbraham & Monson Academy is to develop global citizens and leaders.

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