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Freshman Foundations

The program is designed to help freshmen understand themselves as individuals, understand their role in a global community, and make informed choices related to their health, interaction with others, and daily responsibilites.

Students meet four times over the course of the fall trimester. These meetings are scheduled during their regular Study Hall/Study Skills classes. This is followed by a class instructed by Mr. Vartebedian and Mr. Mannix taken in either the winter or spring trimester. In addition, there is one freshman class field trip.

Understanding you
  • Topics from the Academic Skills Center at Dartmouth College
  • Succeeding in your first year
  • Improving memory
  • Note taking
  • Stress management
  • Different studying strategies – math/science vs. liberal arts
  • Time management
  • Learning styles - visual, auditory and kinesthetic
  • Cognitive learning styles - holistic vs. analytical
  • The Brain Rules - how things like sleep, stress and multi-tasking affect our ability to learn
  • Taking lecture notes - University of Pennsylvania Study
  • Strategies for exam prep - Duke University
Understanding choices you make

Know Yourself

  •     Who are you?
  •     What are your values?
  •     Life Expectancy – All factors involved
  •     Where do you want to go?

Know the 5 components of wellness:

  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Intellectual
  • Spiritual

Understand issues that affect our wellness

  • Stress – what affects it – managing it
  • Nutrition
  • Substance Use & Abuse
  • Relationships & Sexuality

For More Information

Erik Kindblom

Dean of Studies

Meg Hutcheson

Dean of Curriculum

Tiffany Alrefae

Dean of Students

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The mission of Wilbraham & Monson Academy is to develop global citizens and leaders.

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