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Wilbraham & Monson Academy's Kyle Dube '20 has earned dozens of merit badges during his time in the Boy Scouts of America.

Kyle, however, earned his biggest Scout honor far, far away from the United States.

Kyle received his Eagle Scout badge after completing a service trip to his father's homeland of Zimbabwe, where he made structural improvements and provided food for a school in Mbizi during winter break in 2017.

Kyle on why he chose to do his Eagle Scout Project in Zimbabwe: "I got inspiration from my brother. He did a soccer project in Zimbabwe. He got people to donate supplies and taught kids how to play soccer. Mine was similar but it was more of a constructional-based project. I went to a school. We built picnic tables and planted fruit trees and regular trees. They've grown and the school has benefitted."

Kyle on why he has continued to do Boy Scouts since 2010: "Everything I've learned in scouting has stuck with me. Of all the merit badges, many of those are have helped me consider what I want to do in the future and opened doors."

Kyle on what he has learned from participating in Boy Scouts: "It has helped me evolve as a leader. For the Eagle Project, most of the things had to be done by myself. I really only used my dad and Scoutmaster for guidance. I was making most of the decisions. Also, it has taught me how to lead people, and those leadership skills have been taken with me to the soccer field, school or the track, and has made a difference in my life."

Fast Facts

Born in England

Has visited Zimbabwe "many times"

One of a small percent of people to earn an Eagle Scout badge internationally

Has earned 36 merit badges

Plays soccer and track at WMA

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Melody Liu '12

"There were a lot of people who believed in you, believed in your capacity in accomplishing things and they want the best for you and want you to become a better person."

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Russell Dinkins '09

"I was also able to expand myself in a lot of different ways. Since WMA is such a small size, I was able to be on the track field and also explore the arts, and be in plays and do some music with Mosaic Harmony."

~Russell, Princeton '13 graduate and track all-star, on life at WMA.

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Lindsey Leduc '00

"Wilbraham & Monson prepared me for life in so many ways. Meeting people from different places, different cultural backgrounds, and different socio-economic backgrounds gave me such an appreciation for all kinds of people."

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