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Community & Belonging

Wilbraham & Monson Academy cultivates young people who are challenge seekers, critical thinkers, collaborative leaders and emotionally capable advocates for community belonging. We nourish a learning environment in which individuals practice curiosity, confidence and character. Our emphasis on global consciousness invites students to think outside the box and express their ideas in innovative and meaningful ways. Titans model resilience, open minds and generous hearts as they live by our Academy’s motto “Live Clean. Speak True. Work Hard. Play Fair.” 

WMA is proud of how we push our students to consider the complexity of our world’s shared history, made more relevant because we welcome young people from more than 30 countries. In this endeavor, we value and encourage civil dialogue, perspective taking and critical thinking. Our goal is for students to articulate for themselves what world they want to live in and to have the autonomy and self-assuredness to enact that reality once they graduate from WMA. Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is not new, but like any institution, we have progress to make in our commitment towards the Academy’s principles. 

In the spirit of global consciousness the Academy is, and has always strived to be through its long history, an intentionally inclusive community. This is why we condemn any stance, even through the practice of civil discourse, that seeks to undermine our Community Values and our support of the equal treatment of all people regardless of race, religion, ability, gender identity, sexual orientation, linguistic fluency or nationality.

At Home. In The World.

Wilbraham & Monson Academy is a transformational experience where students become challenge-seeking citizens and leaders of an evolving world.

About Community & Belonging

Community Objectives

Support and solidarity are fundamental to a strong community and the fulfillment of Wilbraham & Monson’s mission. We aim for all students to experience a transformational education through which they experience opportunities for challenges, collaborations, critical thought, self-reflection, compassion and leadership. WMA’s students thrive by developing their own identities, learning from and listening to the lived experience of others and growing alongside fellow Titans whose differences they honor and respect. 

            With this at the heart of our work, the Community & Belonging team united around a common goal: to lead WMA in building an inclusive community of students, faculty, staff, families and alumni. From feedback sessions, structural support projects, school climate surveys and policy reviews, members of the Community & Belonging team prioritize listening to and supporting the experiences of our most valuable and important stakeholders - our students. 

            Titans are the face of change, community and belonging. 

Empowering the Community

  • Create a culture that uplifts each individual 

Cultivating Understanding

  • Coordinate community-wide events to foster inclusion and belonging between administration, faculty, staff, student groups and alumni


  • Provide forums for community dialogue and collaboration

Developing Leadership

  • Support student groups in their endeavor to organize with purpose, frame perspectives and spearhead initiatives


  • Advocate for a wide range of representation in the hiring and admissions process 


  • Create opportunities for students, families, faculty, staff and alumni to grapple with contemporary issues related to cultural competency


  • Encourage academic areas to provide access to a wide range of voices, perspectives and abilities

Ensuring Accountability

  • Manage a system for reporting and remediating incidents of bias, insensitivity and harm

Standing Up for What is Right

  • Take action on behalf of individuals or groups of individuals in support of their cause

Welcoming All

  • Be inclusive, warm and encouraging of all members of the Academy


  • Spark positivity and openness in our community’s pursuit of belonging and inclusion

Bias-based Incident Reporting

These forms are intended to collect instances of insensitivity, bias and/or harassment at Wilbraham & Monson. The Academy will use information provided in these forms to monitor the campus climate, inform training, program planning and policy development.

Every effort will be made to evaluate your report promptly, however, the timing and manner in which the Academy addresses the report will vary depending on the information provided and whether you wish to remain anonymous. 

Wilbraham & Monson takes the reports made through this site seriously. Please make your report as accurate and truthful as possible.

Student reporting

Bias-based Incident Reporting

Non-student reporting (faculty, staff, coaches, etc.)

Bias-based Incident Reporting