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Community Events

WMA seeks to expand and sustain cultural competency among all community members. Cultural competency skills allow us to talk across differences - even when it seems like we are continents apart. Our school-wide events encourage us to cross borders. When we do, the entire community benefits.

November: Crossing Borders - Courageous Conversations

A morning event with workshops hosted by student affinity/alliance groups, faculty/staff, and outside speakers on topics related to contemporary issues and global interest. Courageous Conversation Protocols compass and agreements (Glenn Singleton) will be introduced to the student body before the event in an effort to help ground the conversations and ensure all participants feel safe and respected throughout the morning. 


January: Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.’s Legacy 

A full-day event that honors the legacy of Dr. King through workshops, lectures, film viewings and celebrations that highlight racial justice. The program is centered around black joy and artistic resistance in reimagining the narrative of oppression. We have music, dance performances, food and a mix of activists and artists coming in to speak to young people about the meaning of allyship and the power of cultural activism.


March: Crossing Borders - Passport Edition

An afternoon event with food, workshops, fashion and music that celebrate the amazing diversity the Academy houses hosted by faculty/staff and international student groups. The event invites students to share cultural relevance and authenticity from the more than 30 countries we represent globally.