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Intergroup Dialogue Committee

The Intergroup Dialogue Committee consists of student leaders who actively practice civic engagement and sustained conversation across lines of difference. The intention of the committee is to build relationships among participants through the use of personal storytelling, empathic listening and interpersonal inquiry. 

Intergroup Dialogue (IGD) is a method of bringing together a number of students from several different social identities to share their perspectives, learn from another, and foster common understandings relating to inclusion and social justice. Our sessions will integrate three core educational goals:

  • Consciousness raising
  • Building relationships across differences and conflicts
  • Strengthening individual and collective capacities to promote equity, inclusion and justice

The curriculum for WMA’s practice of IGD was adapted from the work of Patricia Gurin, Biren Nagda and Ximena Zúñiga, as well as research conducted at The University of Michigan’s College of LSA for their equitable teaching curriculum.