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Leadership/Head of School

Welcome to WMA

Your arrival is no coincidence. You are here either because you already know us well or because you are curious to know more about what sets us apart, what makes us special, and why people believe themselves fortunate to be called a Titan. Curiosity is a good start.

For more than 20 years, my wife and I have made WMA our home and our family, not because of what we do for our students or how we do it - as innovative, distinctive, engaging and successful as that is. We beam with pride about those aspects of the program, but we have chosen to be at WMA all these years because of who the Academy is: the culture and personality of this remarkable school.

At WMA, we believe in hard work. Our challenging program and rigorous expectations demand concerted effort from all members of our community. We understand that hard work is the key to harnessing life’s opportunities, and that, through practice, we can learn the habit of hard work not only to achieve our goals, but for its own value. Every day, students and teachers at WMA bask in the glow of hard work rewarded and time well spent. Second only to curiosity, this habit of effort is critical to developing as a lifelong learner.

We match our challenging environment with a nurturing support system, and for us that starts with our students. Students at Wilbraham & Monson Academy care for one another and respect one another for the flavor that their differences bring to our campus. They, in turn, are surrounded by a concerned and caring network of faculty and staff, who dedicate their lives to inspiring those around them to realize new limits and supporting them when they need it.

This is why, if you visited our beautiful campus on any given day, you would be struck by the genuine happiness of the people you meet. Our readiness for challenge and appreciation for hard work, within an environment of mutual respect and support, results in a community of learners who are engaged, happy, and curious. It is, after all, very difficult to be curious and unhappy at the same time.

Whether you are an old friend or new, we look forward to seeing you on campus soon, where you will undoubtedly find us…hard working and happy.

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Meet Head of School Brian P. Easler

Photo of head of school and his wife

Mr. Easler has been Head of School since 2014. He joined the WMA community in 1998 as Director of Alumni Affairs and he has also served as Dean of Students.

WMA Leadership 2024-2025

Board of Trustees

Scott B. Jacobs '75, Chair
James E. LaCrosse '50W, Vice Chair
Mark R. Shenkman '61M, Vice Chair
David A. Reeves, Treasurer
Caitlin S. Flynn '06, Secretary

Raymond J. Anton '61M
Christopher C. Antonacci '06
John J. Baker
Melissa Besse
Bonnie Faulkner Ryan '82
Linda B. Griffin
William R. Guerin '89
Robert F. Little
Barry M. Maloney '85
Andrew P. Mele
Stephanie T. Robbins '10
Craig A. Rubin '63W
Paul Sullivan '91

Trustees Emeriti

Eric W. Anderson
Michael J. Flynn
Richard S. Fuld ’64W
Donald J. Stuart '73
Ben Wilson '69W

Life Trustee
William E. James ’64W

Administrative Team

Brian P. Easler
Head of School
Melissa Earls
Associate Head of School/Dean of Academics

Mark Aimone
Director of Advancement

Sylvia Beato-Davis
Director of  Community & Belonging

Liz Fontaine Squindo
Dean of Students

John Boozang
Director of College Counseling

Patty Gallagher
Chief Financial Officer

Kate Gaw
Director of Admission & Financial Aid

Don Nicholson '79
Director of Athletics

Josh Bain
Director of Information Technology

Teddy Ryan
Director of Marketing & Strategic Communications

Wally Swanson
Dean of Faculty

Stuart Whitcomb
Director of the Middle School

Deans Office

Liz Fontaine Squindo
Dean of Students

Kevin Kane
Dean of Studies

Melissa Earls
Associate Head of School/Dean of Academics

Drew Shea '08
Dean of Residential Life

Wally Swanson
Dean of Faculty

Stuart Whitcomb
Director of the Middle School