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25 WMA students win awards on National Spanish Exam

Twenty-five students from Wilbraham & Monson Academy received recognition following their performance on the National Spanish Exam, which attracted more than 70,000 participants for the 2021-22 test.

The award categories are as followed: Plata (top 85-94%), Bronce (top 75-84%) and Honor (top 50-74%).

Below is the list of students who received awards:


Level 1

Abigail Dorunda ’24, Plata

Madison Goodwin ’25, Plata

Denzel Costa ’24, Plata

Shuoxi Qi ’23, Plata

Elliot Kim ’25, Bronce

Malena Donovan’25, Bronce

Hui Huang ’23, Bronce

Ben Jasmin ’24, Honor

Elena Baltazar ’25, Honor


Level 2

Yolanda Chen ’24, Honor

Matt Clark ’24, Honor 

Mike Dorunda ’24, Honor

Veronika Douchova ’22, Honor

Caroline Minich ’22, Honor

Sophia Najeebi ’25, Honor

Isabella Rivera ’25, Honor

Marisa Cyboron ’24, Honor

Nick Machado ’22, Bronce

Genna Miccoli ’22, Plata


Level 3

David Kakule ’23, Honor


Level 4

Harold Gay ’23, Bronze

Giulia Cecchetti ’22, Honor

Brooke Catellier ’22, Honor

Arielle Chechile ’24, Honor

Alex George ’23, Honor



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