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Yuzuki Y. '23 wins French Award

Regardless whether it was the French language, culture or history, it didn’t matter – Wilbraham & Monson Academy’s Yuzuki Yamaoka ’23 wanted to keep learning more.

That interest and thirst for all things French resulted in an impressive reward as Yuzuki was named a recipient of a 2023 Excellence in French Award from the American Association of Teachers of French.

In order to be eligible, students must study French for at least three years, hold an “A” average in the language, earn an overall “B” average in all subjects and participate in extracurricular French activities. Yuzuki was all that, and then some.

Quotes from Madame Fabienne Dubois

On Yuzuki’s passion for French: “Yuzuki started French with me in Middle School and is now in post-AP French, learning about French history, culture and literature. All these years at WMA she participated in French Club activities and became vice president of the club. Yuzuki was inducted in the French Honor Society three years ago. Yuzuki has advanced skills in French, and is an amazing student and person. I was fortunate to be her teacher all these years.”

Quotes from Yuzuki

On receiving the AATF Award: “I was extremely honored when receiving the award and it also made me reflect on the past six years at WMA of taking French with Madame (Dubois) and Mr. (Jon) Brook.” 

On what she likes so much about the French language and culture: “I love how sophisticated the French language and culture is. Its current culture comes from its rich history, which I learned a lot of this year, and its attitude toward fashion, or culture of “convivialite.” It’s small things like that that makes me want to learn more.”

On how WMA helped her pursue French: “WMA has helped me stay connected to the French language. Outside of classroom, Madame would organize French cafes, French Honor Society meetings, we would have cheese tasting and watch French movies, and it came natural for me to pursue it.”


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