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Caterina Ravosa '26 reaches 1,000-point milestone

When broken down, the numbers are staggering: 1,000 points in just 58 high school basketball games. Most noteworthy, the vast majority of those points came in grades seven, eight and nine. What kind of points are going to come sophomore, junior and senior year?

In the first game of her sophomore season, Wilbraham & Monson Academy’s Caterina Ravosa ’26 hit the 1,000-point milestone in a win against Academy of New Church at The Hill School Tournament in Pennsylvania on Dec. 1.

Entering the game with 987 points, Caterina reached the magic number with two minutes to go in the second quarter off a pass from Ella Chandler ’24.

Caterina became the sixth player to reach 1,000 points since Coach Durelle Brown took over the WMA Girls Basketball program in 2013-14, and the seventh overall. The 6-foot-2 post player has already received multiple offers from Division I programs.

Quotes from Caterina

On reaching 1,000 points: “I'm super excited to achieve the milestone of 1,000 points because it represents how far I have come on my journey at WMA. I have worked hard to get to where I am today, and there is still so much more to achieve.” 

On how playing at WMA has helped her development: “Being at WMA and being coached by Coach Brown has completely changed my life in all aspects. Being coached by someone who played a similar style as me and had similar life experiences has helped him mentor me, and help me grow as both a basketball player and human. I go to Coach Brown about almost everything, and he helps guide me. Athletically, he has a wealth of knowledge he always shares with me, and he pushes me every day to be better. He never lets me take plays off and always holds me accountable.”

Coach Brown

On Caterina hitting the milestone: “Caterina scoring a thousand points is an amazing accomplishment. So many fine players never eclipse this milestone. So, when it happens, it is a big-time achievement. What gets lost in the achievement is the team dynamic of the individual milestone. A player cannot score those points without their teammates. Caterina has put in a lot of work over these four years to improve herself and her game year by year, but I was proud of what she said first. She wanted to thank all of her teammates, past and present, for helping her achieve this milestone. Milestones feel better with wins, and I bet Caterina will say that she wants to do a lot more winning over these next three years to prove that her talent also contributed to winning basketball.”

On Caterina’s strengths as a basketball player: “Caterina's biggest on-the-court strength has been her skill set for her size. She has a natural ability to score at all three levels. Her biggest growing strength off of the court, as it is a work in progress, has been her maturity in accepting coaching. I tell her all the time I have to coach her, which means I have to tell her most of the time what she does not want to hear, but that is where the growth is. Growing her game will come from doing the uncomfortable work, hearing when she is not good enough, and having the maturity and drive to hear those words, accept those words and allow those words to make her want to be better.”

On how Caterina has grown since arriving at WMA: “Well, haha, she has literally grown four inches since arriving here as a goggle-wearing seventh grader. But her true growth has been in her personality. I have watched her grow into a happy, confident - at times - young person. So much so that she has become a student of the game. She now seeks out feedback and advice on how to improve. The next step will be once she becomes addicted to that grind of working on where she's deficient, embracing the ‘hard,’ and being comfortable in doing the uncomfortable - her star will rise to that next level.”


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