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Roman Barrett '25 wins world trapshooting title

The world imploded in the Spring of 2020, shutting down nearly every activity for months. With his sports of baseball and hockey sidelined due to COVID-19, this seemed like the perfect time for Wilbraham & Monson Academy’s Roman Barrett ’25 to get involved in a program he was introduced to in the Fall of 2019.

“I went to an open house for a youth shooting team in my home town and loved the sport immediately,” Roman said.

Roman was referencing the sport of trap shooting. You know, trap shooting – clay pigeon, shotgun, “pull!”

When most people were still walking on egg shells because of the coronavirus, Roman was turning clay targets into pieces of shells. He joined a league and entered a few small tournaments before expanding his reach, including the world stage.

Competing at the highest level for his age group, Roman won the Junior Category (ages 15-18) at the 10-day Grand American World Trapshooting Championships in Illinois in August. And, even more remarkably, the way the event was formatted, Roman placed fourth overall, regardless of age group.

“It was kind of incredible,” he said. “It was surreal. To win that title I had to go in the event not only a perfect 100, but after to resolve the ties, I went another 140 straight before I missed a target.”

The victory was sweet redemption as Roman didn’t perform as well as he had liked the previous year.

“I didn’t do my best (in 2022),” he recalled. “Up until that point I had been doing well. To go to biggest stage and not do what I knew I was capable of doing was discouraging.”

All of that discouragement disappeared this year. Roman was named to the All-American First Team after making the Second Team the previous two years.

“(Trap shooting) calls to me,” he explained. “I don’t know what it is about it. Maybe the way it blends mental and physical attributes. I also love the competition.”

Roman will be featured on a podcast hosted by Trapshooters United the first or second week of October.

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