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Sarah Henderson '25 organizes fundraiser for cancer patients

Wilbraham & Monson Academy’s Sarah Henderson ’25 recognized there was a problem, so she did something about it.

Sarah organized a team – Students Against Cancer - to compete in a Just Tryan It event, a virtual triathlon held Sept. 27 throughout the United States.

With the help of Director of the Middle School Stuart Whitcomb and administrative assistant Staci Kelley, Sarah put together a team to participate in a fundraiser hosted by the Pioneer Valley branch of the Just Tryan It organization.

Competitors swam, biked and ran any distance they chose. Proceeds went toward families in the region who have a child with cancer.

Sarah raced in honor of a 12-year-old girl named Elise, who had her initial surgery for cancer in December and has suffered from a number of complications during her recovery.


Sarah on why she put a team together: “I know during COVID-19 so many people have been struggling, especially families who have to pay for children’s medication. This was just something I really wanted to do to help out.”

Sarah on her fundraising efforts: “I was really happy with how it went. We raised a good amount of money and I was happy people came.”

Sarah on why she competed in honor of Elise: “It spoke out to me because she’s around my age. I can’t imagine that happening to one of my friends. If I were her friend I would like to support her and would want other people to support her, too.”

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