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Titan Blog

Wilbraham & Monson Academy's community of students and faculty is rich in diversity, innovation, and original thoughts and ideas. And what better place to share this with the world than our "Titan Blog."

Expect to hear from everyone from our Head of School Brian P. Easler to one of our brightest young Titans, a boarding student from Serbia. Stay tuned to read about what makes our Advisor program so special and why rugby is woven into the values of the Academy. We intend to share some of what makes this place so special in our "Titan Blog."

The possibilities - and topics - are endless.

A female student works at her desk in a classroom

Gender stereotypes and roles are learned early on; that’s why it’s essential to disassemble such stereotypes and to limit beliefs while girls are young. Strong messages to girls that they can pursue, achieve and attain their goals are vital. This messaging permits girls to dream without barriers and ensures that future generations can break glass ceilings for gender-balanced workplaces. 

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A new female student smiling during her first day at school - WMA

Being a new student at school is nothing short of a major transition, and it certainly isn’t something easy. After your parents have gone through the difficult process of choosing the right school for you, it is your turn to face the challenge of moving to a new school. We know this can be a frightening experience, so we have some tips for starting at a new school.

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Young girl reading a book outside
Time off is an essential part of any student's growth, but when the summer comes to a close, parents need to be sure that their teens are ready for another year of education. The summer of 2021 will be a particularly important season for encouraging continued cognitive development outside of the classroom due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Video Chat Etiquette Tips


Preparing for a boarding school interview through the screen may feel unexpected and even unnatural — but with a few video chat tips for students in mind, you will be ready to leave a lasting impression over Zoom. With the exception of demonstrating a strong handshake, you’ll find you can showcase many of the same skills whether you’re meeting in person or virtually. 

Ready to impress? Try bringing these five tips to your next video interview. 

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Tips for Staying Healthy at Boarding School


One of the greatest benefits of boarding school is the increased independence and self-discipline that students cultivate. Away from the daily guidance of their parents, many students mature quickly in both their academic and personal lives. However, boarding school also comes with its own challenges, including developing healthy habits that students can carry into adulthood. As a top private school in the Northeast, Wilbraham & Monson Academy is here to share our top tips for staying healthy while at boarding school and beyond!

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girl doing summer school work


For most children, tackling summer schoolwork isn't their first choice. They'd rather spend their break enjoying the sun and spending time with their friends – and who can blame them? That said, summer schoolwork can be required for students in advance of the next school year. It's essential to make sure children are always motivated. Otherwise, they may not advance as they should.

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