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3 Benefits to High School Students Who Travel Abroad

Russell Held

Think back to when you were in high school. Had you seen much of the world yet? How do you think a more global view might have affected your ability to problem-solve and understand different perspectives?

Many students don't travel abroad until their third year of college. After they come back, their overall experiences sound similar: "It changed my life," "I see the world so differently now," "I finally discovered my passion and know what I want and don't want to do." Imagine if your child had access to those opportunities in high school. At WMA, they do. We offer high school travel opportunities because we believe they provide unparalleled advantages to our students.

The Unmatched Benefits of Studying Abroad in High School

Your child will reap the following three benefits — and likely a lot more — from our travel abroad programs. They can:

1.   Learn about new cultures and perspectives: For those students who grow up in the same town, it can be difficult to understand the full scope of the global arena. With millions of people, hundreds of cultures and thousands of languages in this world, there's no better time to start exploring than in high school. It's crucial for your student to immerse themselves in new places with unique people. The best time for them to experience this is now.

2.   Improve their language skills: High school students can still learn languages faster and with more ease than if they wait until later in life. The best way to practice second-language skills is through immersion. When student travels abroad, they'll be entirely integrated into the culture, life, smells and sights of everyday life. No matter if they're in a new country or visiting one with a familiar language, their communication skills will improve.

3.   See the world and understand the global marketplace: The world is always changing. You never know what countries might change their travel laws or what cultures may start disappearing. If it's important to you that your child sees the world you know today, sending them on one of our high school trips will be an easy decision. As they travel and see the world, they'll also develop an understanding of the global marketplace, which is especially helpful upon entering the workforce. Our students have solid grasps on the international marketplace climate, which gives them a competitive edge in their endeavors.

Learn More About Our Study Abroad Programs

Each year, we offer opportunities for our students to study abroad. That, in combination with the fact that our students come from 33 countries all over the world, renders Wilbraham & Monson Academy a truly distinct private school experience.

If you're interested in our travel abroad options, request more information or contact us today!

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