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5 Tips for Creating a Good School-Life Balance 

school life balance

School-life balance. You likely know it's important to find that perfect balance where both the academic and personal spheres are being paid their fair dues. But what does a healthy school-life balance actually look like — and how can you achieve it for yourself? 

We're committed to helping students become the best versions of themselves, which includes managing their time and creating harmony in all areas of their lives. Read on for five practical ways to effectively balance social life and academics. 

1. Create a Designated Study Spot 

When it's late at night and you've got hours of studying left to go, it might be tempting to grab your books and curl up in bed or on your couch. However, having a designated study spot outside your room or dorm building can help you focus and separate your classwork from your personal life. Whether it's a library nook, cafe table or computer lab, find a spot that offers minimal distractions. 

2. Set Your Priorities 

Many schools offer a variety of fun and engaging activities, from niche clubs to time-consuming sports. At Wilbraham & Monson Academy, students can select from a diverse spread of 66 organized clubs and activities. Part of having a healthy social life involves joining the extracurriculars that interest you — they're meant to be enjoyed! However, instead of over-committing, set specific priorities for which activities are most important to you. Join just one or two clubs or sports teams, and commit to participating with excellence. 

3. Stop Procrastination in Its Tracks 

It might sound obvious that procrastinating is a poor academic choice — it leaves you scrambling at the last minute and unable to provide your highest quality work. However, procrastinating also affects how effectively you balance school and personal life. It leaves little room for spontaneity and often causes students to pull out of social activities last minute because of a deadline that could have been avoidable with some forward planning. Instead, aim to complete deadlines early and leave yourself room for last-minute fun to pop up. 

4. Aim for Your Best, Not Perfection 

We always encourage students to challenge themselves to perform to the best of their ability. However, realize that perfection is not the goal, nor is it always possible. A perfectionist approach to school can cause you to become anxious, performance-driven and ultimately miss out on the benefits of our supportive, engaging community. Eradicate unhealthy pressure by setting academic goals for yourself that push you to excel without demanding you to be flawless.  

5. Organize — and Stick to — a Schedule 

Create a schedule for yourself that is realistic and helps you manage your time while incorporating social activities. Allow for ample homework time for each class you're taking, as well as scheduled time for any clubs, sports or other commitments. You'll also want to pencil in "you" time that allows you to de-stress and enjoy personal hobbies.  

Sticking to an organized schedule might initially feel like your time is being constricted, but you'll soon discover it actually allows you to live a more balanced and stress-free life. Managing a school and life balance will get easier the more you practice intentional care. 

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Looking to mix up your current school life and start implementing these school-life balance tips for yourself? Wilbraham & Monson Academy is the perfect place to start. As a top Northeast private middle and high school, we offer an engaging environment for students to grow both academically and personally. Our global community helps students to develop lifelong friendships while pushing themselves to excel in the classroom. 

If you're interested in discovering more about the potential that awaits, check out our admissions page or contact us today! 

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