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How to Choose the Right Boarding School

How to Choose the Right Boarding School

If you're just starting the boarding school search, you're likely wondering which boarding school is right for you and your child.

For many families, the process of evaluating the qualities of a good boarding school can be overwhelming. But it doesn't need to be. Read on to learn more about how to decide which boarding school will be the best fit.

Benefits of Attending Boarding School

Before diving head first into choosing the perfect boarding school for your child, it's important to note the overall benefits as a whole. The defining qualities of a good boarding school are rooted in the benefits they bring to their students. When you choose the right boarding school, you unlock the following advantages:

·      Independence: Children who attend boarding school develop their independence early and securely. Of course, your children will have all the guidance they need to succeed, but they will also learn to keep themselves on task and organized and to be self-advocates.

·      Quality Education: The quality of boarding school education is unparalleled. Your child will learn from top teachers alongside the brightest of peers.

·      Global Opportunities: Some schools offer global components of their boarding school experience. At WMA, for instance, we have an entire department dedicated to entrepreneurial and global studies.

·      Inspiration: Many boarding schools aim to develop inspired lifelong learning.

How to Choose a Boarding School

When you're evaluating boarding schools, try completing the following to help you compare and decide on the best option:

Identify Your Goals: Do you want your child to attend a global school to widen their understanding of the world? Are you seeking a fulfilling athletic or performing arts experience? Do you hope to help your child get into a top college? Asking questions like these will help you narrow down the choices and filter through various school selections.

Make a List of Boarding Schools: Once you've defined your educational goals, it's time to make your list. You can start by skimming websites of boarding schools that catch your eye. After you have a broad list, it's time to go in and read the details. Read boarding school mission statements and student life description to see if they'd be a good fit for your child. You can also bring them in on the conversation and see if they can picture themselves at a particular school.

Sift Through and Apply: As you begin to do more research, you will start to find your favorites. It's important to narrow your list down to your top two or three schools. This way, you will have options when decision time rolls around.

Admissions and Applying

The admissions process at each boarding school will vary. Be sure to read the information listed on each website. If you already know you're looking for a school with a global studies focus, an international student body and travel abroad options, however, WMA may be the perfect fit.

Are you ready to take the first step in discovering whether Wilbraham & Monson Academy is the right boarding school for your child? Fill out our admission form today!

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