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Starting a New School? Here are the tips that you need to know

A new female student smiling during her first day at school - WMA

Being a new student at school is nothing short of a major transition, and it certainly isn’t something easy. After you and your parents have gone through the difficult process of choosing the right school, it is your turn to face the challenge of moving to a new school. We know this can be a frightening experience, so we have some tips for starting at a new school.

How to prepare for starting at a new school?

  1. Keep yourself active - Exercising is a great way to keep negative thoughts at bay. So, make sure you stay active in the weeks leading to the big day!

  2. Contact the school to take a tour before you start - Introducing yourself to the principal and your new teacher(s) is a good idea. Take this opportunity to walk around the building and grounds. This way, you'll have a rough idea of what to expect on Day One.

  3. Create a routine with a good school-life balance - Students might feel compelled to prioritize school over other aspects like recreation. However, not having time for yourself can affect your well-being. A healthy, school-life balance is important for your academic success and mental health. Take time to create a routine that integrates all aspects of your life!

What to expect when starting a new school?

The first thing you need to remember about expectations is that they must be realistic. Although, sometimes, we might struggle to determine what is reasonable and what is not. If you’re struggling with this, here are some realistic expectations for your first day at a new school.

  1. You’ll feel nervous - It is only natural to feel nervous during our first day at school. Don’t fight it; remain mindful and present.

  2. You won’t know everything - Especially when you’re a new student, it is normal to feel out of place and to require more explanations. Don’t be afraid to ask around; everyone expects you to have questions!

  3. You’ll meet lots of different people - Students can come from different backgrounds and might be very different from you or similar to you. Be nice to everyone regardless; kindness always goes a long way!

  4. It’ll take time to adapt - This is a big transition, and it’s OK if it takes you two, four or more weeks to adjust. This does not mean anything is wrong with you; it just means we all operate at different speeds.

    Try to be patient and always remember that good things take time!

What to do when starting a new school?

  1. Join clubs - Look for things that pique your interest, like a sports team, so you can meet people who share your enthusiasm. What kinds of activities do you enjoy? Are there clubs at your school that you may be interested in joining? If you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to try something new. 

    When you join your school’s clubs, you'll interact with other students interested in the same things. This will make it easier to make new friends!

  2. Talk to other new students - Chances are you’re not the only new student at your school. If you know someone who is also starting at your new school, try to approach them and strike up a conversation.

    It might be easier for you to connect with someone who’s going through the same experience as you.

  3. Prioritize your homework effectively - If you don't have good study habits, you can easily fall behind and become anxious about your daily schoolwork.

    This can add up to the stress of starting a new school, which can ultimately affect your well-being. So make sure you stay up to date with any assignments to avoid piling up stress. 

Tips for starting at a new school

  1. Avoid comparisons - Maybe you’re missing your old school and friends, or perhaps you had a bad experience at your previous school. Whatever it is, making comparisons will lead to nothing productive. Invest your time wisely!

  2. Be confident - You might think you lack confidence, but the good news is that no one knows who you are yet. This means you have the opportunity to craft your identity however you desire! Be the person you want to be, and you’ll attract the right people!

  3. Stay positive - Nothing will help you more than keeping a positive attitude about your new school. If you're worried about the big day, try talking about it with a friend or a family member.

  4. Most importantly, remember that you are not alone and that many students go through this every day.

The benefits of starting at a new school

Starting a new school is a great way to start over with a clean slate. Your attitude will dictate how you experience this opportunity, so be sure to pick the right one! If you are unsure about starting a new school, remind yourself about the benefits you’ll be experiencing.

  1. It's a great way to improve your ability to adjust - Change is the only constant thing in life! And being able to handle yourself in different circumstances will strengthen your capacity to adapt.

    The more adaptable you are, the easier it becomes to face new changes. 

  2. You meet new people - What’s really exciting about this is that you might meet your future best friends! Take this chance to discover yourself as part of a classroom community and to forge new relationships.

  3. You’re stepping out of a comfort zone - Exploring new things and experimenting with new environments is part of growing up. By embracing new challenges, you’ll gain the strength and confidence required to tackle everything that comes your way.

Being the new student at WMA

Are you starting the school year at Wilbraham & Monson Academy? Contact us so we can help you schedule a tour or meet and talk to your teachers. Count on us to provide you with the extra support you need to confidently take on this new challenge!

If you’re not starting as a new student at WMA, contact our admissions team! At WMA, we provide a stimulating environment in which you can develop the best version of yourself. Join our worldwide community today, and forge connections and success for life!

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