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3 Simple Tips for Getting Motivated to Do Summer School Work

girl doing summer school work

For most children, tackling summer schoolwork isn't their first choice. They'd rather spend their break enjoying the sun and spending time with their friends – and who can blame them? That said,  summer schoolwork  can be required for students in advance of the next school year. It's essential to make sure children are always motivated. Otherwise, they may not advance as they should.

Here's how to motivate students in summer school.

1. Stick to a Schedule

Your child's summer schoolwork schedule will look different from their regular routine. Instead of meeting for daily classes at specific times, they will have to complete their independent summer reading and assignments on their own. 

The flexibility of summer learning can help students create a schedule that works best for them, whether that means hitting the books first thing in the morning or when they're fueled up right after lunch. You'll also want to plan around any family vacations or summer events to ensure your child has enough time to finish their assignments before school starts in the fall.

You'll want to sit down with them to work out a plan based on these questions: 

·      How many assignments or independent readings are due?

·      Are there any projects? 

·      When does your child work best?

A designated summer schoolwork calendar can motivate your child to keep track of their responsibilities. If they don't have a way to achieve their goals, it isn't easy to succeed. The sooner you create a schedule, the better.

2. Create a Daily Routine

After a long school year, it's only right for your kids to have some time to unwind. Still, if they want to stay current with summer schoolwork, it's smart to put together a daily routine. This way, you can allocate enough time for both school and fun. 

Take a look at your student's reading assignment list. WMA students entering Advanced Placement (AP) classes often need to complete a modest list of assignments to be poised for success in the fall. Other students may only need to complete one or two books over the summer. 

No matter how many assignments are due, they'll still need to manage their time. This might entail waking up at a particular time to read and review. You could also incorporate part of the day for their assignments, if necessary. A set routine can motivate students to accomplish their tasks so they can still do fun activities. 

3. Make Time for Fun

In addition to staying on top of school assignments during the summer, your child should have plenty of time off to enjoy their summer. This can include time outside and activities with their friends as stress relievers between semesters. 

You could even organize an activity as a goal to work toward throughout the summer. A balance between assignments and fun serves as an effective way to keep kids motivated during summer school. When students know that they can still enjoy their summer, they're more likely to ace those assignments and dive into their books.

Choose Wilbraham & Monson Academy This Fall

Wilbraham & Monson Academy offers many ways for students to succeed, from yearlong classes to independent summer school work. Since 1804, we've supported a transformative environment where everyone has a chance to learn. To discover more about our programs, check out our website today.

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