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Tips for Choosing the Right Summer Camp

Tips for Choosing the Right Summer Camp

If you’re wondering how to choose the right summer camp for your child, start by speaking with your son or daughter about what they are looking for in a camp. Discuss what they expect or hope for from a camp experience. Work together to find the right fit for an enriching experience.

How to Find a Summer Camp

Picking the right summer camp starts with considering your choices:

  • Types of camp: Consider whether an overnight camp is right for your child or whether you prefer a day camp that allows your child to sleep at home. Your child’s comfort and your own peace of mind and preferences can help you with this decision.
  • Interests: Think about what interests your child has that a camp experience could contribute to. For example, does your child want to spend time outdoors? Are there creative pursuits your child would like to explore? Is your child best served by making new friends and working on social skills?
  • Education options: Some camps allow your child to learn about STEM skills, finances, business, languages and more. If you are considering an enriching experience, look for camps linked to schools and led by teachers or educators who can offer education along with a good dose of fun.
  • Long-term goals: Talk about what your goals are for your child. Do you want your child to learn more independence, improve their application for college, learn something new or do you have other goals?

Questions to Ask About a Summer Program

When you are thinking about summer programs and camps for children, you don’t just want to ask yourself questions to find the right summer fit. You also want to ask the camp a few things:

  • What security and safety precautions are taken? Make sure the camp can provide peace of mind and can keep your child safe. If your child has an allergy, for example, how will the camp ensure your child is safe?
  • What is the ratio of supervisors or adults to children? In a camp focused mostly on fun and adventure, a better ratio ensures good supervision. If you’re sending your child to an educational program, a good ratio of teachers and students ensures lots of personalized attention.
  • What are the requirements? Ensure you understand the application process, tuition and fee requirements and special forms you need to fill out, as well as any prerequisites.
  • Who is leading the program? If you’re looking for an enriching summer program, especially, make sure your child is being taught by someone with classroom and practical experience.

Why Wilbraham & Monson Academy?

WMA has a 200-year history of excellence and inclusion. Our enriching summer programs include camps that allow for creative excursions and time in nature, as well as summer programs that can help teach students STEM skills, photography, leadership and other skills not typically taught at most schools.

To send your child on an experience of a lifetime, find out more about WMA summer camps and sign up today.

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