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Why Is Community Important in Schools?

Why Is Community Important in Schools?

Community fosters growth, growth leads to exploration, exploration yields inspiration and inspiration paves the path to curiosity, passion and purpose. That's why building a sense of community in schools is crucial — that process alone is the root of all academic, personal and social momentum.

Beyond momentum and growth, community plays an important role at boarding schools because it keeps students feeling safe, secure, positive, supported and challenged. Kids go through many changes during their four years of high school. In the right community, they'll learn to transform their weaknesses into strengths and their strengths into superpowers.

What Is the Role of Community in Education?

Without community, education would cease to exist. As it turns out, many minds are necessary for someone to learn and grow throughout an academic career.

What does the phrase "an unparalleled educational experience" bring to mind? Rooms filled with engaged students? Discussion circles rich with questions and communication? A boarding school campus buzzing with inspired minds and focused intentions? That pretty much sums up the sense of community at Wilbraham & Monson Academy.

We're proud of our students' ability to come together over their commonalities and grow through their differences. Our community is full of bright-minded, confident and in-tune individuals who thoroughly enjoy collaborating and learning together.

How We Build Classroom Community

Building strong classroom communities is one of our strong suits. A healthy classroom environment is paramount for an enriched learning experience. At Wilbraham & Monson we build community by focusing on the following elements:

·      Trust and relationships: In our classrooms, we talk about the importance of trust within our community. Placing emphasis on forming healthy and meaningful relationships, kids learn that trust is key to success, asking for help, helping others, creating a positive worldview and forming lasting connections.

·      Co-creating: We encourage high degrees of collaboration. Co-creating is another word for "group thinking," an element of community that's essential for a mind-opening educational experience.

·      Independence to choose: We believe strong communities flourish where independence is plenty. We grant our students numerous opportunities to choose every day. By guiding our students down the road of making smart choices and taking calculated risks, we elevate our community to new levels of diverse, capable and well-rounded thinking.

Our students are there for each other, and our teachers are there for their students. While the Wilbraham & Monson Academy values set the foundation for our community at school, it's our students who bring it to life.

Join Us

We'd love for your child to join our classroom community! Wilbraham & Monson Academy is home to students from 28 countries around the world. Our students are forward-thinking, innovative and outside-the-box individuals. They spend their time solving problems, asking questions and engaging with each other and their teachers. You'll also find our students working together in our Tinkering Place — a room dedicated to helping students explore, nourish and refine their passions.

If you're interested in learning more, request more information or contact us today!


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