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Why Teach Entrepreneurship in High School?

Why Teach Entrepreneurship in High School?

Perhaps the question should be, "Why not teach entrepreneurship in high school?" Students between the ages of 14 and 18 (give or take a year) are at an incredibly special cognitive-developmental stage. Their imagination is still blooming, their critical thinking skills are taking off and their curiosity about the world is peaking.

If you were going to introduce anyone to entrepreneurship, the perfect time would be in high school. After all, high school students have more time now than they ever will again. We can equip them with the building blocks of design thinking, development and social entrepreneurship now. From this, they can build and explore real ideas and possibilities in their future.

Expanding Minds: Teaching Entrepreneurship to High Schools Students

The most efficient and effective way to expand a beginner's mind is by surrounding it with the right tools to grow and progress. We teach entrepreneurship at WMA because doing so can:

1.   Increase student engagement by realizing and utilizing their passions: The best way to spark a student's curiosity is by engaging their mind in something they love. It's through discovering their passions that student will begin to uncover the intersections of their learning experience. They'll start to see math, science, the arts, writing and history as a comprehensive map of knowledge rather than specific subjects. They'll find what they love within every discipline.

2.   Prepare students for their future workplace: Graduating from high school with an entrepreneurial mindset sets you ahead of other young minds and future workplace competition. Knowing how to problem-solve, ask the right questions and act as the catalyzing agent for projects and initiatives are not skills most high schools students learn. While they may learn these skills later in life, developing such capabilities now will only benefit them in the future.

3. Make your community a better place: Globally, socially and entrepreneurially minded individuals make communities better. They just do. When you know to look for problems that need solving and how to go about solving them, you can do more than change lives — you can save lives. That's what our students walk away understanding — that they have the potential to make the world a better place every day.

We Offer Exceptional Entrepreneurship Education

Wilbraham & Monson Academy's devotion to entrepreneurship and global studies mirrors our mission to promote the intellectual, social and worldly growth of each student. We're one of the only schools in Massachusetts with a completely integrated Entrepreneurship & Global Studies program.

Our curriculum teaches everything from finance and economics to diplomacy and social entrepreneurship. Our students also have access to the Mark R. Shenkman Trading Center and a Tinkering Place — both of which are spaces for hands-on learning, problem-solving and passion-driven discovery.

Give Your Child the Lifelong Gift of Entrepreneurship Education

Are you ready for your child to embark on their entrepreneurial education journey? At WMA, they can join the minds of students from 33 countries around the globe. There's no shortage of innovative and entrepreneurial minds here.

If you think your child would fit right in, request more information or contact us today!

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