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Diploma Certificate Programs

Beginning in 2025, WMA will recognize students who successfully complete a prescribed set of academic courses while contributing to the campus community through their participation in student organizations and/or serving in approved leadership positions. These students will receive recognition at Commencement.

Women’s Leadership Certificate

photo of four female students

WMA will award Women’s Leadership Certificates to students who successfully complete the existing course in Women’s Literature and the newly NCAA-approved course in Women’s Studies, and who participate in at least one approved campus or school-sponsored event, as well as hold a leadership position with one of our many student organizations or on one of our athletic teams.

Center for Entrepreneurship, Economics & Finance Certificate

Student in conversation in CEEF trading center

WMA will award Center for Entrepreneurship, Economics & Finance Certificates to students who successfully complete at least three electives offered by the Department, in addition to participating in at least one Student Investment Seminar class and presentation.