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Student Travel

picture of postcards from travel

Each year WMA offers exciting opportunities for students to travel around the country and around the world to enhance their classroom studies. Students can explore both the differences and interconnectedness of peoples and economies from around the world and around the nation.

Travel is seen as an opportunity for WMA students to gain first-hand experience with the people, institutions and challenges of the modern world.

The specific trips offered each year vary as do their academic focus. Community service, school exchange, business and design, language immersion, ecology/conservation and visual art have each served as the focus of past trips.

As travel opportunities are seen as extensions of classroom learning, all trips require pre-trip meetings, readings and post-trip reflections in addition to work at the site.

For questions, email Wally Swanson.

Student Travel: 2022-2023

WMA is excited to plan international and domestic trips during the 2022-2023 academic year. For more information, contact WMA's Travel Coordinator Wally Swanson at



March 2023


Student posing at Cape of Good Hope

WMA chaperone: Ms. Mahoney

Upper school only

Students will journey through South Africa, starting in Johannesburg. Looking at the political environment of modern South Africa, the group will study the impact of Apartheid as well as the multiracial society of South Africa today. From Johannesburg, the group will travel to the beautiful city of Cape Town, visiting the Southernmost tip of Africa as well as Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. Capping off the trip will be the opportunity to take part in a safari to view the amazing animals of the southern part of the continent.

Price: $5,000 

Proposed itinerary*

*-subject to change


Students posing during a trip to France

WMA chaperone: Ms. Dubois

Upper school only

Students will stay with French families in Nice and visit the main attractions in the city and in the surrounding areas (Eze, Monaco, Antibes, Aix-en Provence and Villefranche-sur-mer). Classes in French for all levels, beginner to advanced, will be happening in the morning for four days. Excursions and activities will be in the afternoons. After one week in Nice, students will travel by TGV (fast train) to Paris and see some of the main sights (Eiffel tower, Le Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, Montmartre, Place des Vosges and Château de Versailles)

Price: $4,100 

Proposed itinerary*

*-subject to change


Stock photo of London

WMA chaperones: Mr. Bloomfield, Ms. Mathison

Upper school only

The Hubbard Fund for British Cultural Travel:

The purpose of the fund is to support the travel of Wilbraham & Monson Academy students to England so as to instill in them an appreciation for the history and culture of England and to understand through firsthand experience the connectedness of our two nations.   

Mr. Hubbard provides funding for yearly travel to England over seven days for four WMA students (two girls and two boys) with preference given to those who have never traveled abroad before, as well as two faculty members. 

Mr. Hubbard’s funding will pay for travel expenses including transportation (airfare, transfers and ground transport), accommodations (mid-priced hotels or equivalent), and cultural activities (museums, historical sites, guided tours and performances). Students and faculty members are responsible for meals, non-cultural activities, and other purchases.

Interested students must submit an essay detailing why they would like to travel to England for further study to the Faculty Trip Leaders by Nov. 15.

If accepted, students are expected to write a brief essay about their experience and share at least three photos from the trip.

Price: $500 (most trip costs covered by the Hubbard Fund)


June 2023

Europe (Italy & Germany) - - REGISTRATION CLOSED

photo of Rome

WMA chaperones: Mr. Wells, Mr. Held

Upper school only

The group will be able to explore the rich history of Italy and Germany, starting with an overnight in Rothenberg, Germany, where the town’s roots date back to the Middle Ages. A few days in Munich include a tour of Dachau Concentration Camp and a visit to the NS-Dokumentationzentrum (the Nazi Museum).

The trip continues with a short stay in iconic Venice and finishes in Rome, with a visit to many major tourist sites that include Vatican City, Colosseum, Roman Forum, Sistine Chapel, Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps. 

Price: $5,000

Proposed itinerary

*-subject to change


Students traveling in Peru

WMA chaperone: Mr. Shea '08

Upper school only

Students will fly to the South American capital of Lima. From there, students experience a tour of the city and the catacombs. From Lima, the group travels to Cusco, where they go on a tour of the city and its markets followed by a visit to Sacred Valley. After visits to the archaeological sites of Pisac and Ollantaytambo, the group will take the train to Aguas Calientes and end on a hike up to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu. On the return to Lima, the group will have time for rafting as well as a bike tour.

This trip is open to all students. Studying Spanish is not required though it will be an excellent opportunity for current Spanish students to practice their language skills. This travel does also demand a degree of physical exertion in outdoor activities (hiking, biking) that all participants should be ready and excited for.

Price: $4,000  

Proposed itinerary*

*-subject to change

Video from Mr. Shea

"Japan opened my eyes to what respect and compassion can really look like in the daily lives of people ... the idea that one can gain as a whole citizenry or community was enriching to be a part of.'' 

- Norah O. '21

Student Travel: 'Oh, the places we've been'

South Africa?

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