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Student Travel

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Each year WMA offers exciting opportunities for students to travel around the country and around the world to enhance their classroom studies. Students can explore both the differences and interconnectedness of peoples and economies from around the world and around the nation.

Travel is seen as an opportunity for WMA students to gain first-hand experience with the people, institutions and challenges of the modern world.

The specific trips offered each year vary as do their academic focus. Community service, school exchange, business and design, language immersion, ecology/conservation and visual art have each served as the focus of past trips.

As travel opportunities are seen as extensions of classroom learning, all trips require pre-trip meetings, readings and post-trip reflections in addition to work at the site.

For questions, email Wally Swanson.

Grand Canyon 2022

Photo of Grand Canyon cliffs

Experience one of the world's most spectacular natural regions, hike the narrows in Zion National Park, float down the Colorado River, tour Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon National Parks, and photograph at optimum times and locations.

"Japan opened my eyes to what respect and compassion can really look like in the daily lives of people ... the idea that one can gain as a whole citizenry or community was enriching to be a part of.'' 

- Norah O. '21

Student Travel: 'Oh, the places we've been'

South Africa?

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