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What does it mean to be Global?

What makes a school global? One that provides an all-encompassing global experience through academics, travel, community and exposure to world-class speakers on global topics. WMA invites the world into the classroom through the study and practice of finance, economics, entrepreneurship, social responsibility, community service and technology.

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Featured Programs

WMA will offer three full-year online courses during the 2020-2021 Academic Year. Students can study AP Computer Science A, AP European History and AP Music Theory.


“We want our students to have a hybrid experience. We’re not just sending students to an online learning space; the students will have an online learning block in their schedule and they will be responsible for reporting to the classroom. There will be a teacher in the classroom to help the students stay on task, meet deadlines and manage their online platform.”
Meg Hutcheson, Chair, English Department
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Curriculum Guide

Here is an at-a-glance view of our course offerings. Click to download the file.


Curriculum 2020-21

2020-2021 Curriculum Guide - Upper School

Download our Curriculum Guide for 2020-2021.

Diploma Requirements

The core requirements for a WMA diploma include:

  • Students must take a minimum of five credits per trimester.
  • Each yearlong course is equal to three credits.
  • Trimester courses are equal to one credit.
  • 57 credits are necessary for graduation.
  • 42 of these credits must be earned from core requirements, across 6 disciplines.
  • The 15 remaining elective credits allow flexibility for students to broaden their intellectual development.
  • Equivalent transfer credits from other schools will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Additional requirements are:

  • All Grade 9 students are required to take Freshman Foundations.
  • Students enrolled throughout the senior or postgraduate year will participate in Commencement.
  • Seniors and postgraduates must pass the equivalent of five yearlong courses in which they are enrolled.
  • All students must successfully complete the afternoon requirements.
  • All students must complete the arts enrichment obligation.

In order to receive a WMA diploma, postgraduates are required to take:

  • One English elective each trimester; one of which must be Writing Seminar or Research & Writing.
  • An appropriate mathematics course.
  • A yearlong course in science, world languages, Center for Entrepreneurship, Economics & Finance (CEEF) or History & Global Studies.
  • Two additional yearlong courses (or a combination of three trimester courses) in CEEF, mathematics, science, world languages, History & Global Studies or fine & performing arts.
  • Postgraduates who elect not to follow the above course of study will receive a Certificate of Attendance from the Academy.

In 2015, WMA was selected by the College Board to include the AP Capstone™ Program as part of its curriculum. The first year will offer AP Seminar, which will be part of the English Department, while AP Research in the second year will follow the students’ passion and could fall under any academic discipline.

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Academic Calendar

A one-page printable PDF is handy for seeing all the key dates, from opening of school through commencement in one place.

2020 - 2021

Upper School  -  Middle School

Academic Day schedule

Click here to view the Academic Day schedule for Upper School students 2019-2020.



The primary goal of our WMA Middle School is to promote the intellectual, social and physical growth of young adolescents. We seek to stimulate and satisfy the innate curiosity of our young learners. Our academic program features an integrated humanities curriculum, an issues-oriented science program, an accelerated mathematics program, and extensive world languages courses, with a technology component incorporated into these courses. All Middle School students also take art, music, health and physical education.

In a diverse, rigorous and caring environment, the Upper School promotes the intellectual, social and physical growth of adolescents. Students broaden their academic development as they prepare for the challenges of higher education and for success as compassionate, challenge-seeking global citizens and leaders in an increasingly interdependent world.

To achieve this, we require a total of 57 credits for graduation, 42 of which are to be earned from our core requirements across six disciplines. The remaining 15 elective credits allow students to further strengthen their academic preparation for college, pursue personal passions and interests, as well as meet college-specific requirements.

More detailed diploma requirements may be found in the Curriculum Guide in the Academics section of our website. Equivalent transfer credits from other schools will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Benefits of a Postgraduate Year at WMA

  • Study in a diverse and rigorous college preparatory environment where each student can seek individual attention from committed faculty.
  • Participate in award-winning Athletics and Activities programs to further develop and hone talents and skills that students can carry into their college careers.
  • Work with our devoted College Counseling office to help select and apply to colleges and universities that would best fit each student’s individual talents, interests, and goals.

Postgraduate Requirements

Our goal is to equip postgraduates with the skills and experience necessary to thrive in a college environment. To achieve this goal, postgraduate students are required to enroll in a specific selection of courses in order to be eligible for our diploma.

These courses include:

  1. One English elective each trimester, one of which course must be Writing Seminar or Research & Writing
  2. An appropriate mathematics course
  3. A yearlong course in science, world languages or CEGS
  4. Two additional yearlong courses (or a combination of three trimester courses) in CEGS, mathematics, science, world languages or fine & performing arts

Postgraduates may elect not to follow the above course schedule, in which case, they are eligible to receive a certificate of attendance from the Academy.

Grading System

A+100, 99, 98, 974.334.67
A96, 95, 94, 934.004.33
A-92, 91, 903.674.00
B+89, 88, 873.333.67
B86, 85, 84, 833.003.33
B-82, 81, 802.673.00
C+79, 78, 772.332.67
C76, 75, 74, 732.002.33
C-72, 71, 701.672.00
D+69, 68, 671.331.67
D66, 65, 64, 631.001.33
D-62, 61, 60 0.701.00
F 59 and below0.000.00

Model U.N.

Model U.N. serves as evidence of the fact that the students of today are the global leaders of tomorrow.

In the conference hosted by Harvard, 3,000 students from around the world simulate the experience of the United Nations for four intense days of debating, voting, and networking.

WMA has been a strong participant in the conference, with multiple students winning awards or accepted into special committees.