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Rising to New Heights: Upper School Academics at WMA

'WMA is great for a lot of reasons ...'

A Community of Learners from Around the World

As a community of learners we are constantly engaged and learning from each other. We are a student-centered environment that embraces different student experiences from around the world. At WMA we ask a lot of our students in the classroom, but we are also there to guide them. Whether you are conducting independent research for an AP Capstone project, designing a robot in our iLab, building an investment portfolio in the Trading Center or traveling through the Amazon learning about cultural migration, we will meet you where you need to be met ... and raise you to the next level.

Upper School, Grades 9-12

In a diverse, rigorous and caring environment, the Upper School promotes the intellectual, social and physical growth of adolescents. Students broaden their academic development as they prepare for the challenges of higher education and for success as compassionate, challenge-seeking global citizens and leaders in an increasingly interdependent world.


Experience the benefits of a postgraduate year at WMA

  • Study in a diverse and rigorous college preparatory environment where each student can seek individual attention from committed faculty.

  • Participate in award-winning Athletics and Activities programs to further develop and hone talents and skills that students can carry into their college careers.

  • Work with our devoted College Counseling office to help select and apply to colleges and universities that would best fit each student’s individual talents, interests, and goals.

Middle School, Grades 6-8

The primary goal of our WMA Middle School is to promote the intellectual, social and physical growth of young adolescents. We seek to stimulate and satisfy the innate curiosity of our young learners. Our academic program features an integrated humanities curriculum, an issues-oriented science program, an accelerated mathematics program, and extensive world languages courses, with a technology component incorporated into these courses. All Middle School students also take art, music, health and physical education.

Course Offerings

Daily Academic Schedules 2023-2024

Download a PDF of both Upper School schedules

Upper School - Blue Week

Academic Schedule for 2023-2024


Upper School - Red Week

Academic Schedule for 2023-2024