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The WMA Learning Center department has been in existence for close to 30 years. The Learning Center faculty members are well-trained, experienced, learning specialists with lengthy tenure at WMA who know the needs of their students and the needs of the school well. Each is a highly committed and motivated professional, determined to help students maximize their academic strengths. An integral part of that mission is instilling a sense of self-confidence and self-efficacy, as well as self-advocacy skills in each student as they adjust to the demands of a competitive independent school and prepare them for the challenges of college.

Department members have collaborated with thousands of students, customizing each program for each student’s needs. Graduates of our program are equipped to communicate with adults, advocate for themselves, and foster critical life skills, which ensure academic and social success. With a dedicated staff of four full-time academic services teachers, working closely with each student in a private setting, WMA’s program offers students and families a collaborative approach to learning.

Through consistent feedback and communication, and a supportive and warm environment, the mission of the program is to not only assist students with their learning needs but to empower them to adopt the mindset of the confident learner.

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"Academic Services at WMA have turned our son from a 'Shut Down learner' to a thriving, motivated, enthusiastic learner. Academic Services are built into HIS daily schedule rather than random, inconsistent 'pull outs' at the convenience of a SPED department. The communication between Academic Services, faculty, and parents is daily to ensure our son's academic success. Academic Services works closely with each of our son's teachers to get the best possible results on each lesson."Parent Testimonial

Beginning to End

Meet our Learning Center staff

Melissa Wenz

Titles: Director of Learning Center

Tanya Presz

Titles: Learning Center, Assistant Coach Girls' Varsity Volleyball