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College Counseling


College Counseling is an integral part of the educational program at WMA. We view ourselves as teachers and advisors rather than placement officers, and strive to support our students and families by providing accurate and up-to-date information and personalized guidance throughout every phase of the college search and application process. Our program is designed to equip our students to take the leading role in their own education and to nurture self-reflection, independent thinking, resourcefulness and resilience - qualities that will serve them well in college and beyond.

Every aspect of a student’s education at WMA helps to prepare them for a successful college search. Our curricular emphasis on developing our students’ research skills, mastery of written and verbal expression, critical thinking and global awareness provides a strong foundation for college exploration.

Roles & Responsibilities

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Meet our Staff

John Boozang

Director of College Counseling, Assistant Coach, Baseball

Maureen Kelly Chesky

Class of 2002
Associate Director of College Counseling, Associate Dean of Studies

Sandi Scott

Associate College Counselor, Office Manager

Greg Walsh

Associate Director of College Counseling, Assistant Coach , Track & Field

Bill Wells

Director of Student Promotion, College Counseling, Teacher of Novel Writing