Gill Memorial Library

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The Gill Memorial Library is an information and study center where the Wilbraham & Monson Academy community is encouraged and supported in cultivating critical thinking skills and a life of intellectual inquiry in an information rich world.

The librarian and staff at Gill Memorial Library:

  • Develop and maintain collections, and provides access to materials that support the curriculum
  • Advocate the joy of reading
  • Provide access to global perspectives
  • Teach information literacy skills
  • Provide personal attention to student and faculty needs in a rapidly changing information-rich environment
  • Create a community resource for the WMA community

Gill Memorial Library was named after Benjamin Gill, who taught at the Academy from 1872-1892. The Library was dedicated in 1916 in its previous location in Rich Hall before being moved in 1960 to its current location in Alumni Memorial Chapel.

Alumni Memorial Chapel, which also houses the Academy's all-school meeting space, was designed in the Gothic Revival style in the 1860s (Dedicated in 1870). Its construction was interrupted by the Civil War. The chapel was said to be part of the Underground Railroad at around the same time. When the Chapel was first built it was not technically part of the Academy’s campus and was simply called “The stone church.” The Chapel was used by the Academy and the town of Wilbraham. In the mid 1930s the Church was falling into disrepair. Ownership was turned over to the Academy by the Methodist Society and the Academy then funded a complete renovation.

Library Hours - Sept. 1 - May 30

Monday - Friday

7:30 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.




11 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.

Accessing the Catalog

Gill Memorial Library's catalog is automated and available to students, faculty, and staff from anywhere ... your dorm room, at home, your classroom, you name it!

Bookmark the link so you can visit the catalog any time.

If you have any problems accessing the catalog or any questions about its features, please email Ms. Wallace.

Meet the Staff

Valeri Wallace

Titles: Director of Library Services

Christy Drapeau

Titles: Library Assistant

Lisa Jalbert

Titles: Library Assistant

Phillip Jasak

Titles: Library Assistant