Computer Science & Technology

An understanding of computational thinking and the fundamental principles of computer science are becoming more and more valued across all disciplines. Colleges, universities and the industries they feed note the necessity of being conversant with these practices in all fields. WMA is committed to the design and implementation of a program that provides grounding in these skills for all students, and is also a gateway for those who wish to pursue computer science in more depth. The Exploring CS series of electives develops the computational thinking skills that are applicable in any discipline. Mobile Computer Science Principles deepens the understanding of these skills and is also accessible to students who don’t think of themselves as traditional computer science students. This suite of courses encompasses a comprehensive set of inquiry-based lessons, which use a variety of tools and platforms. A major aim of these courses is to attract students who might not think of themselves as “typical” candidates for computer science and allow them to explore project-based lessons that emphasize writing, communication, collaboration, and creativity. For students interested in more coding and programming, the traditional Java Programming and AP Computer Science A are available online, through Virtual High School.

Trimester Electives