Credits: 9


The Mathematics Department seeks to incorporate some of the best mathematical pedagogy from around the world. Also, taking a page from some of Asia’s most successful systems, students build new knowledge from previously learned skills and become comfortable with multi-step problems. Our mission is to expand each student's quantitative reasoning skills in order to ensure success in their higher mathematical endeavors and in their post-secondary education. Students learn to face mathematical problems with confidence while becoming equipped with the necessary skills and strategies to be successful. Students are taught how to solve problems both with and without technology. Math courses are yearlong and, except for courses such as Statistics, are designed to be sequential. Due to the diverse backgrounds of entering students, all new students are placed in appropriate courses by the department chair. Enrollment in Honors, Advanced Placement and post-Advanced Placement courses requires departmental permission. Typical course progression options are listed below. Please see complete descriptions for more information.

Three years of mathematics are required, including successful completion of Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2. All students take mathematics through Grade 11. Students must pass and receive departmental permission before advancing to the next course. Many colleges prefer to see mathematics through Grade 12.

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