World Languages

Credits: 6

Learning a foreign language is an inherently global experience, therefore it forms an essential part of our curriculum. Through language, students appreciate ideas, art and cultural differences and discover that culture is globally contextual. Moreover, learning a language encourages students to engage in public speaking and to share ideas collaboratively. The result is a curriculum that nurtures global citizens and leaders. The World Languages Department offers instruction in three modern languages, Spanish, French and Mandarin, one classic language, Latin. The four components of language instruction – reading, writing, speaking and listening – form the core of the language courses. Students are challenged to engage in these activities on a regular basis. Furthermore, through language, students are exposed to diverse perspectives on art, history, current events and culture. Language study is enhanced by the use of technology such as educational apps, authentic video and audio media, language podcasts and interactive educational websites. Departmental permission is a prerequisite for all language courses beyond the first year of study.

Two years of the same language are required. Students must receive a minimum grade of a C and departmental permission before advancing to the second year. Many colleges prefer three or four years of the same language.

Meet our World Languages Department Faculty