Open House

You are cordially invited to the WMA Open House.

Come experience the tradition and culture of Wilbraham & Monson Academy. While honoring our past, WMA is a forward-thinking college prep school committed to offering unparalleled academics, programs and community. This Massachusetts educational experience fosters learning and transforms students into critical thinking, challenge-seeking global leaders.

We host two open houses each year as an opportunity for parents and their children to tour our beautiful campus, meet faculty and current students, and learn more about our unique global approach to education.


Our Nurturing, Supportive Community

Curiosity and effort are the foundation that turns our students into lifelong learners. We cultivate these two values in a framework that consists of challenging academics and programs paired with a concerned and caring network of faculty and staff. Students are encouraged to ask questions and explore while pushing themselves to new limits. Through promoting hard work and inquisitiveness, we hope to awaken an enthusiasm for learning that extends well beyond their time here at WMA.

Unique Academic Opportunities

Housed within our state-of-the-art facilities, students have access to a variety of academic opportunities unlike what you'll find at other college prep schools in Massachusetts or beyond. We've designed our curriculum to challenge students and introduce them to a global experience that will serve them well in a world that's becoming increasingly interconnected. Some of our unique academic opportunities include:

Global classroom: Our Center for Entrepreneurial & Global Studies program gives students a chance to learn more about finance, trade, diplomacy and entrepreneurship. We also provide travel opportunities that elevate students' studies beyond the classroom.

Real world application: The Mark R. Shenkman Trading Center gives students hands-on experience in a global financial environment.

Independent learning: In an effort to guide students to take greater responsibility for their own educational experience, we include a block for online learning. However, students report to a physical classroom where a teacher is present to help them accomplish their learning goals.

A Tinkering Place: We are the only prep school in the region to offer a space where curious students can solve problems through hands-on exploration and experimentation.

Exciting Extracurricular Programs

Uncovering a students' passion extends beyond the classroom. We provide a variety of programs where young learners discover what drives them beyond academics, including:


Fine and performing arts

Student leadership

Community service

More than 30 clubs

And more