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Would you and your family feel more comfortable attending a school where every member of the community is tested regularly for COVID-19 and where classrooms with desks are distanced twice what is suggested? At Wilbraham & Monson Academy, we are ready to welcome our students back to campus. Our Middle and Upper School classes will begin in-person, 5-day daylong programming for all students on August 31. We are ready for our community to once again build the strong connections we are known for. We are ready to manage changing circumstances as they evolve. We are ready.

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Check out our full Back-to-School and Health Services/COVID-19 webpages.

In-person Learning

We are planning for live in-person classes, but we are prepared for an exciting, new and flexible learning experience - Hybrid Learning - for students and faculty this fall.

The delivery of a first class education will transpire through this teaching model and will provide the flexibility necessary to navigate the wide variety of possible circumstances next year.

It will provide a learning experience that is personalized for each family’s needs, regardless of whether students or faculty are in the classroom or accessing the class remotely.

Social Distancing

Social distancing, mask-wearing and hand washing are the most essential behaviors needed to mitigate the risk of infection and spread of the coronavirus. But even these precautions will not eliminate the risk of infection. For this reason, testing, contact tracing and our ability to quarantine and isolate members of the community, if necessary, will be keys to returning to campus safely. We have a multi-layer approach for the school year, that includes:

  • Weekly COVID-19 testing in Health Services Office
  • Air purifiers in all classrooms and double-occupancy dorm rooms
  • Classroom renovation
  • Enhanced cleaning operations
  • Three separate dining spaces
  • Addition of new bathrooms, and usage by cohort in all dorms
  • Addition of 10,000 square feet of socially distanced classroom and community space
  • Nearly 400 acres of campus for open-air social distance

We've answered questions

If questions are plentiful, so too are the preparations and answers we have developed for the coming school year.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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