Office of Advancement

Together. At Home. In the World.

While the physical heart of the WMA community lies between Faculty Street, Springfield Street and Main Street, the true heart of WMA lies within each of us who has experienced - either past or present - the warmth, care and support that makes WMA so special.  

It is during times like these that we see the true character and resolve of our community and how fortunate we are to be a part of it. It has been extraordinary to see the outpouring of support for one another from alumni, parents and friends around the world. 

In true WMA fashion, many of you have asked how you can help and what kind of impact it will make. As we face these unprecedented circumstances, it is difficult to know what lies ahead and exactly where we will need your support. However, it is clear that we need your support.  

In response to this unprecedented situation, we have created the WMA Community Fund. This fund will be focusing all of our efforts on collecting support that will provide us the ability to react and adjust to the needs of our faculty, our students and their families and our program as we move forward. These funds can be used for anything from shipping a student's belongings home,  to supporting a current family who needs additional financial assistance, or helping us retain our amazing faculty and staff. We know this is a tough time for many of you and, for some, now may not be the time to financially support the Academy and we understand. But, if you are able to make a gift or continue your support, the impact of your generosity will be immeasurable.   

Throughout our history, the WMA community has always come together and gotten us through tough times. In this critical situation we again look to that spirit to keep our school and our students moving forward. It is fitting that Atlas, a symbol of strength and perseverance, stands over the entrance of Rich Hall as this truly exemplifies the character of this community. People connected by a shared WMA history standing ready to help each other in a time of need.  

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to make the WMA community so special. 

Please stay healthy and safe!



T. Mark Aimone
Director of Advancement