Academy World: Spring 2021


Remembering Fred Watts: 1927-2020

Don Kelly: Faculty Reflection

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Brian Easler: Letter to Alumni

Alumni in Action

Chris Costello '96

Nick Gourley '18

Matt Koziol '93

Matt Koziol '93


Wilbraham & Monson Academy’s Matt Koziol ’93 had visions for his farming business. He pictured an agritourism spot, where people could enjoy all aspects of a rural property. He estimated it would take him 10 years to get there.

Then the novel coronavirus struck in 2020. For many business owners, COVID-19 was crippling. For Mr. Koziol, it turned all of his dreams into a reality—in a hurry.

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Dean Rohan '84


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The biggest lesson of all . . . (is) that we can all thrive in the face of challenge and adversity


Any time we overcome a challenge or persevere through adversity, we learn from it. The adversity forces us beyond our normal day-to-day routines and systems  
in ways that require creative thinking and inspire innovative action in order to succeed. Like a good teacher, a challenge can cause us to question our expectations and our modus operandi, and push us into a realm where necessity encourages inspiration.

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Alumni Reflection

Mark Xu '16 alumni reflection


When I boarded the airplane on that hot summer night of 2012 from China to the United States, I knew I was embarking on a life-changing adventure, for I did not know anyone in this distant land. As I found myself lost in O’Hare with three gigantic suitcases, not knowing where to go for my connecting flight to Hartford, I questioned whether I was making a mistake by leaving my family and friends behind to attend a high school in New England.

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