Bunion Derby 2020

Video from the 2020 Derby

For the first time in the 76-year tradition of the Bunion Derby, we opened the race to alumni, parents and friends of WMA! Alumni joined students and faculty in our own 1.6 mile "trip around The Triangle." 

Participants received a digital Bunion Derby bib through your email to print at home, and were eligible for a prize t-shirt!

Race Results


On-campus event winners

Reese Laviolette - First-place finisher (and first place faculty) - 8 minutes

Gio B. '21 - First place male student - 8:06

Javier H. '25 - First place Middle Schooler - 9:07

Ava A. '23 - First place female student - 9:51

Sommer Mahoney '11 - First place female faculty member - 12:17

Alumni winners

Xavi Webb-Spann '04 - First place female alumni - 11:40

Dean Redfern '72 - First place male alumni - 13:52

Kara Thayer '95 - Best scenery (NYC skyline in the background)

Honorable mentions

Bruce Mutch '97 - Northernmost participant (Ottawa, Canada)

Michelle Davis '02 - Southernmost participant (Atlanta, GA)

Were you a part of history?

From Academy World, Fall 2019

This year, we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the first running of the Bunion Derby. Many have chronicled this great tradition since its inception at Wilbraham Academy in 1944. This article celebrates the historic race from the beginning of its history and contains excerpts from the 25th and 50th anniversary articles printed in the Wilbraham Journal and the Academy Magazine.

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