Endowed Funds

Wilbraham & Monson is deeply appreciative of those alumni, parents, faculty and friends who have chosen to support the Academy in perpetuity through the creation of an endowed fund. Endowed funds provide WMA with long term financial support critical to our success in making transformational experiences for students. These funds provide unrestricted support for the Academy’s areas of greatest need, or for a specific purpose within the Academy’s mission which may include scholarship, academics, or faculty support. Those interested in adding to the future stability of the Academy by creating an endowed fund should contact the Office of Advancement. If you wish to make a contribution to an existing fund you may do so by clicking here. Please be sure to name the fund in the comments area of your gift.




Scholarship Funds

The Francis M. Austin '46W Scholarship

Established in 2016 by Mr. Francis M. Austin ’46W to provide financial assistance to a student who meets the academic criteria established by the Academy and who participates in one varsity sport.

John Francis & Bridgie Barrett Scholarship

Established in 1997 by former Trustee Carol Relihan '73 in honor of John Francis and Bridgie Barrett, her grandparents. This scholarship is awarded to a student from the Springfield-metropolitan area who shows academic promise and demonstrates scholarship need, with preference to young woman.

The Sandy Bayless '68W Memorial Scholarship

Provides scholarship support to a recipient shown to be an excellent student and who embodies one of Sandy Bayless’ most wonderful qualities: the ability to genuinely connect with people from all walks of life.

Henry Wesley and Ruth Benton Scholarship

John P. and Marilyn Smith, neighbors of Henry Wesley and Ruth Benton, established the scholarship in 1991 with the support of former Monson Academy trustee Robert McCray ‘43M. The recipient of this award must show demonstrated scholarship need, academic achievement and an ethos of citizenship.

S. Prestley & Helen Blake Scholarship

The S. Prestley and Helen Blake Scholarship is awarded to a Springfield-area resident with a solid academic record and who is well-rounded and involved in a variety of extracurricular activities.

Julia B. Buxton Scholarship

The Julia B. Buxton Scholarship was established in 1982 with a gift from the Julia Buxton Educational Trust to assist a Hampden County resident with academic potential.

The Phil and Cecelie Cardone Scholarship

Established by Mr. Cardone - after a career spanning more than 50 years as an educator and coach, and honoring his first wife who was a Monson Academy librarian - to provide assistance to students with demonstrated financial need, academic success, and successfully competing in the Academy’s interscholastic programs in football, wrestling or lacrosse.

H. Willis Cutler Memorial Fund Scholarship

Named for former trustee H. Willis Cutler, Wesleyan Class of 1884, by his wife Mary, Monson Academy Class of 1901.

William A. Griffin '68W Trust Scholarship

The William A. Griffin Trust fund was established by William A Griffin' 68W, and provides needed scholarship to an exemplary student of fine character.

James D. Hale Scholarship

The James D. Hale Scholarship Fund was established in 1992 in honor of James D. Hale (Wilbraham, Class of 1913), father of Alan Hale ’46W and grandfather of Alan W. Hale '81. This fund provides needed scholarship support to an excellent student who is a good school citizen and leader.

Robert T. Hale ’55W Scholarship

Established by his family in 2018, the Robert T. Hale ’55W Scholarship Fund supports a student or students whose financial stability has dramatically altered during their years at the Academy. If no such situation exists, the scholarship may be awarded to a student or students from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with financial need.

The Ratcliffe Hicks Memorial Fund

Created by Miss Elizabeth Hicks of West Hartford, Connecticut, in 1958 in honor of her father Ratcliffe Hicks, who attended Monson Academy in 1857 and 1858 and whose mother, Mariah Sterns, attended Monson Academy in 1837. The Ratcliffe Hicks Memorial Fund provides needed scholarship to an outstanding student with a preference for students from Connecticut.

The Parker Hodgman '55M Memorial Scholarship

Mr. Hodgman loved Monson Academy and strove to build bonds between alumni from Monson Academy and Wilbraham Academy. Recipients embody the spirit of Parker Hodgman: strong character, a love for the Academy, seeing themselves as a global citizen and the helping to make our world a better place for all people.

Myron Holley Scholarship

The Myron Holley Scholarship was established by the Holley family, supporters of the Academy in its early years. It provides needed scholarship to a worthy student of fine character and academic potential.

Benedict LeStrange Memorial Scholarship

The Benedict LeStrange Memorial Scholarship was established in 1998 in memory of Mr. Benedict LeStrange by former Trustee Fran Austin '46W and his good friend Joe Sirotkin.

Carl O. Lindberg Scholarship

The Carl O. Lindberg Scholarship was established in 1978 through a bequest from the estate of his wife, Mrs. Dorothea Lindberg. Mr. Lindberg was aided in his education by the generosity of others, and wished to make similar opportunities available. His son, Carl M. Lindberg '57, attended Wilbraham Academy. The scholarship is to assist a talented student who deserves recognition.

George D. Morrow Scholarship

The George D. Morrow Scholarship Fund was established in his memory in 1997 to honor Mr. Morrow's loyalty and service to Monson Academy, where he taught for more than 50 years.

Reader's Digest Endowed Scholarship

The Reader’s Digest Endowed Scholarship Fund was created in 1979 by Mr. Dewitt Wallace to create partial scholarships to be awarded to students beyond their first year at Wilbraham & Monson Academy who show promise.

Frank Reynolds Scholarship

The Frank Reynolds Scholarship was created in honor of Dr. Frank Reynolds, a 1903 graduate of Wilbraham Academy.

Sarrouf Family Scholarship

The Sarrouf Family Scholarship was established in 1998 by postgraduate Camille F. Sarrouf '51W to provide assistance to postgraduate candidates. Mr. Sarrouf wanted to express his gratitude to the Academy for how his postgraduate year shaped his own life.

The Phil and Florence Shaw Scholarship

The recipient of this scholarship must embody the qualities which made graduate and former faculty member Phil Shaw ’57W and his wife, Florence, so special and revered by his students.

E. Carroll Stollenwerck Scholarship

Created in 1997 through a bequest from former Trustee E. Carroll “Stony” Stollenwerck.

John A. Sweeney '47M Scholarship

Established in 2008 by John Sweeney’s nieces and nephews, in honor of their favorite uncle, to provide scholarship assistance to a worthy postgraduate student at the Academy.

Philip A. Sweeney Scholarship

Created in 1997 in honor of Phillip Sweeney, a beloved teacher at Monson Academy, by Frank Pizzitola '43M.

Anne Symes Scholarship

Created in 2000 by the mother of former Trustee Ned Symes '64W and his brother Randall Symes '66W. This scholarship provides assistance for an African-American student.

Academic Funds

William & Gertrude Harper – Browne Fund

Established through an estate gift by Mr. Garey Browne ’54M, the fund supports the Academy’s history department and programs which honor African-American heritage at WMA.

Francis Michael Casey Fund for the Fine and Performing Arts

Established by Arthur Zalkan and his children - Brett ’83, Marilyn ’84 and Ira ’89 - in memory of devoted wife and mother Barbara Zalkan, and in honor of former Headmaster Francis Michael Casey’s commitment to the arts.

Robert Enemark ’42W Fund

Created in 1979 by Mr. Enemark to support the purchase of equipment by the science department for advanced science programs.

William Faulker ’57W Library Fund

Established in 1994 by Mr. William Faulkner, former trustee, to provide assistance in purchasing books and materials for the Gill Memorial Library on subjects of mathematics, science, engineering and related fields.

The Hubbard Fund for British Cultural Travel

Created in 2008 by Mr. Leverett Hubbard, the fund supports the travel of Wilbraham & Monson Academy students to England so as to instill in them an appreciation for English history and culture.

Robert M. McCallum Visiting Lecturer Endowment

Established in 2002 in memory of trustee Robert Warren McCallum ’47W by his brother Charles A. McCallum ’43W and Lenita McCallum, Robert’s widow, to enrich the spiritual life of students through the arts, music, religion, philosophy or history.

Michael P. Olmsted Memorial Fund

Created in 1979 in memory of Mr. Michael Olmsted, former faculty member of Wilbraham Academy, to purchase materials supporting music for the Gill Memorial Library

The Joseph Phillips Zahornacky ’04 Music Fund

Established in 2007 in loving memory of Joseph P. Zahornacky '04 to honor his love of both Wilbraham and Monson academies and for music by providing support to the Academy’s music program.

Faculty Funds

E.E. Ford Foundation Fund

Created in 1997 through a grant from the E.E. Ford Foundation, this fund provides for professional development opportunities for faculty members.

The Leverett Marsden Hubbard Sr. Family Teaching Faculty Sabbatical Travel Fund

This fund was established in 2001 and provides travel grants to faculty members (and their family) who have completed more than five years of classroom teaching in the Upper School to become more aware of the interdependent world in which we live and to develop an understanding of different countries, especially those of our international students

The James E. LaCrosse '50W Global Education Fund

Established in 2010, this fund provides international and domestic travel grants for faculty to study global economics and thereby enhance their instruction of students as tomorrow’s global leaders.

The W. Gray Mattern Fund

Established in 1998 in memory of former Head of School W. Gray Mattern, and provides support for continuing education opportunities for faculty.

Fred and Evelyn Ziter Faculty Grant Fund

Created in 1997, this fund provides for professional development opportunities for faculty members within a creative study program.