WMA Community Fund

Letter from Head of School Brian P. Easler and Board of Trustees Chair Scott B. Jacobs '75

April 14, 2020

Every institution with a history as long and storied as Wilbraham & Monson Academy has gone through its share of difficult times, and that is certainly so for WMA. At times in our history, the challenges must have seemed insurmountable to those grappling with them.

What distinguishes WMA, though, is the resolve of its loyal supporters and their unwillingness to relent. That is part of what defines us, as a school. WMA, as a community, has grit. We are scrappy. When times get tough and the wind is at our faces, we push harder. That is exactly what has put WMA on such a solid foundation and what will carry us through these current hard times.

Why is this? What could rally such a wide-ranging community of alumni, parents and friends around an institution the way it happens here? Because, while the physical heart of WMA lies along the banks of the Rubicon, the true heart of Wilbraham & Monson Academy lies within each of us who has experienced the warmth, care and support that makes WMA such an extraordinary school.

It is precisely during times like these that we see the true character and commitment of our community and feel how fortunate we are to be a part of it. This is evident - even now during this global crisis - from the outpouring of concern from alumni, parents and friends around the world. As such, and in true WMA fashion, many of you have asked how you can help and what kind of impact you can make. As we face unpredictable circumstances in the weeks and months ahead, it is difficult to know exactly where we will need your support. What is clear, however, is that we will need it.

To this end and to direct the energy of those asking how they can help, we have created the WMA Community Fund. This fund will be focusing all of our fundraising efforts for the foreseeable future on collecting support that will help us to react and adjust as necessary to the needs of our faculty, our students and families, and our program during this global health and financial crisis. Your gifts could be used to bolster our support for current families who now need additional financial assistance, to help us retain all of our amazing and committed faculty and staff or perhaps to help us prepare for teaching in ways we had not previously
contemplated. One thing is certain, your gifts to the Academy now will be used to ensure that once this crisis is behind us, WMA and its families are stronger than ever and ready to continue carrying on the legacy.

We know this is a tough time for many of you and, for some, now may not be the time to financially support the Academy. We completely understand. But, if you are able to make a gift or continue your support, the impact of your generosity now, during these challenging times for many, will be immeasurable.

At this critical time, we again look to the heart of WMA within each of you to keep our school and our students moving forward; people connected by a shared WMA history standing ready to help each other in a time of need.

Thank you all for what you have done, and continue to do, to make the WMA community so special.

Brian P. Easler
Head of School

Scott B. Jacobs '75
Chair, Board of Trustees


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