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WMA Fine & Performing Arts Overview


Visual Arts

Female painting with faculty member

In the visual arts, we offer a diverse range of possibilities that enable both the beginner and the more experienced student to find a suitable course. By making connections to history and cultures through the visual arts, we enable our students to gain a deeper understanding of our contemporary world.


Female dancer posed on chair

The Dance program at WMA is available to students each trimester as an afternoon activity, which satisfies the Athletic & Afternoon Programs requirement. The dance studio, located in the Athletic Center, has a sprung floor and its own sound system.


Two male students playing instruments

Music is an integral part of our FPA program and WMA community. Yearlong courses such as Academy Singers and Mosaic Harmony are very popular and our ensemble opportunities include Instrumental Ensemble and Titan Jazz Ensemble.


Female students acting in theater

The theater program addresses the creative impulses of the whole artist by breaking down traditional barriers. Live theater, film and video, theory and criticism, performance, and technical production all become part of the daily lives of the students, thus encouraging a wholistic approach to both artistic and academic education.

FPA Facilities

Binney Art Gallery

Two male students in painting class

Binney Hall was built in 1854 to replace an earlier building, which had been outgrown. In the early 1900s, it housed science laboratories and is now home to many academic spaces and an art gallery open to the public.

Binney Art Gallery is the venue for many upper school art shows throughout the year, as well as artist receptions. It is also used for other projects and events, such as outside guest artists, and the student and parent receptions.

Founders Theatre

Students acting in theater

WMA's performing arts venue is located in Fisk Hall, which is named for the original Principal Wilbur Fisk, who later became the first president of Wesleyan University. Fisk Hall is one of the original three buildings on the Hill.

Founders Theatre is a black box theater on the top floor, where musicals, dance performances, talent shows and the like are presented to the community. Many performances are open to the public as well.

Studio Spaces

Students in art class

Aside from the gallery, Binney Hall also houses several art classrooms including one equipped with potters’ wheels and a kiln, several small studios for the visual arts and a photography studio and darkroom.

Upcoming FPA Events

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