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Artists of the Month

November 2022

Female student Artist of the Month


Isabelle Rivera '25

Isabelle has been dancing with Academy Dancers since her arrival in Middle School. In each performance, she has shown athleticism, technique and the spirit required to be a successful dancer. Moreover, she has been willing to put in the long hours required to achieve the level of commitment and excellence. She is an inspiration to our community!


October 2022

Yuna Rho '23

Yuna is no stranger to ceramics. Having trained in Korea, she has a solid understanding of the pottery wheel throwing process. She has a good sensibility in handling the clay at different stages of the pottery process, and she has also shown that she can develop her skills and try new techniques. 

Yuna started with a very uniform rounded shape with tapered walls. She has since expanded her ceramic style to include straight walls, uniform thickness, and adding interesting touches to her work - and always with a respect for craftsmanship. Her work never looks shoddy or weak. 

Female student smiling
Art work of student


September 2022

Javier Herrera '25

Javier has been an outstanding Jazz student. Coming to class rehearsals always with a smile and positive energy, Javier grabs his trumpet, takes out his music, sets up his stand and begins warming up his chops. This prompts the rest of his section and the group as a whole to follow suit.  Javier executes his charts with focus and a drive to play well. He corrals his band mates when needed and cheers them on when they are playing solidly. 

Male student smiling