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Four female students drawing in fashion class

These courses offer students the chance to experience facets of the global fashion industry by offering the opportunity to enroll in specially designed coursework.

Current Fashion Design Courses

Design Studio

Credits: 1

Level: Intermediate

Overview: This course will give students a foundation in figure drawing through various methods. Students will learn and practice basic fashion illustration techniques using various media. The creation of original ideas will be explored through various methods and prompts in order to generate new ideas. Students will use these new ideas to design clothing or a “collection” to be presented at the end of the course. A $35 materials fee is charged.

Prerequisite: Studio Art. Drawing is recommended.

Production Studio

Credits: 1

Level: Intermediate

Overview: This course will give students a foundation in garment construction, sewing techniques, fabric and fiber qualities, and the use of a sewing machine. Students will have the opportunity to prepare and produce sewn garments from their own designs. The course will culminate in a fashion show.

Prerequisite: Fashion: Design Studio

Opportunity in Fashion

Design Studio is also offered as an extracurricular activity during the afternoon. It is a non-academic, non-graded opportunity run under the guidance of an FPA faculty member.