Athletics Live Stream

Spectator Guidelines: Spring 2021

In keeping with our COVID-19 protocols, we will not be allowing any spectators at our athletic contests. In agreement with the schools we are competing against, this will also be the policy when the Titans play/compete away from home. In addition, the parking lots will also be closed to visitors.

We are focused on keeping the health and well-being of our students, parents, faculty/staff and all members of the WMA  community as our primary objective. Due to the challenges of the ongoing circumstances with COVID-19, we are confident that you will understand. We will certainly miss the opportunity of having everyone with us at game time. 

However, we will be able to either live stream or have games filmed by teams for later dispersal to parents, etc. Please see this weekend's live stream schedule below.

*Game schedules and time are subject to change


Saturday, April 17 vs. Berkshire School

Live Stream

Boys' Lacrosse, 3 p.m. EDT

Follow live stream here.

Live stream event courtesy of Berkshire School

Registration and Live stream link

Program schedule

Baseball, 1 p.m. EDT

Track and tennis highlights, 8 p.m.

(Note: Girls' Lacrosse game has been canceled)


This week's schedule

Team Opponent Date Time
Varsity Baseball
Doubleheader vs. Berkshire
Boys' Varsity Golf vs.
Berkshire School
Varsity Boys Tennis vs.
Berkshire School
Varsity Track & Field Spring vs.
Berkshire School
Lacrosse - Boys Varsity vs.
Berkshire School
Tennis - Girls Varsity vs.
Berkshire School
Varsity Softball vs.
Berkshire School
Lacrosse - Girls Varsity vs.
Berkshire School