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Korbin Dixon '24 sets Water Polo record

The most remarkable aspect of Wilbraham & Monson Academy’s Korbin Dixon ’24 setting the Water Polo record for goals in a career is that he did it in three years.

Despite losing his freshman season due to COVID-19, Korbin set the new school record for goals in a career with 263.

“It’s a really cool accomplishment that almost came out of nowhere,” Korbin said. “It wasn’t something I was really aware of until the start of this year. I’m really excited that people may work to chase my record now.”

Korbin established the new mark in a game at Williston Northampton School on Nov. 1. He finished with 115 goals as a senior after recording 81 as a junior and 67 his sophomore year.

Korbin didn’t even think about the school record until late in the summer as he prepared to return to school. As the season started, he resisted the buildup and stayed focused on the team and doing his job. Granted, his job was to score as many goals as possible for the Titans, and he did his job.

“It actually didn’t feel any different leading up to the record-setting goal, but once I broke it, I felt great,” he said. “It was nice being able to insert myself into WMA’s history.”

A basketball-first athlete, Korbin enjoyed playing a second sport that was brand new to him.

“Playing four years of Water Polo wasn’t really something I thought I’d end up doing, especially after my first year,” he admitted. “But realizing that I’m growing just like everyone else on the team, each year it was a great feeling. It also hasn’t been a main sport for many people on the team so it’s good to learn and grow with new players that are learning like me.”

“I never thought the lanky ninth grader who could barely swim a length (of the pool) without getting winded would become the captain and skilled player and scoring machine that he has become,” Coach Jon Brook said. (But) Korbin is smart, and smart kids know that learning is a process that takes time and effort and a lot of figuring out on one’s own how to get better.”